Our Animal Removal Experts Will Outfox Any Fox

  • Outsmart the Fox by Calling Omega Animal Removal in Dallas

    Outsmart the Fox by Calling Omega Animal Removal in Dallas

    The red fox is the most common of the species in North America and is distinguishable from a dog, though they are about the same size, by its long pointed muzzle and pointed ears and bushy tail. These animals are very common throughout central and northern Texas. They are adaptable to urban areas though they prefer open country and farmlands. With increasing population growth and construction, however, foxes are becoming more common in larger cities like Dallas. And with the decreasing coyote population in these areas, they have a freer range of habitats previously dominated by these competitors. Foxes eat mostly rabbits, mice, insects and fruit, killing any animal smaller than a rabbit including pets and poultry and baby farm animals. They will stalk even the smallest of mice and are not opposed to scavenging the prey of other predators.

    Foxes are most active around dawn and dusk, using the cover of shadows with the pale waxing or waning light of very early morning or late evening. They are not purely nocturnal, though, and do often explore during the day time. These animals are little known as the largest carrier of rabies on the west coast of the United States, although their skepticism of humans keeps them largely at bay. Foxes are extremely cunning and can kill pets and small animals without their presence being suspected for a moment.

    At about twelve pounds, they are similar to the size of a dog though slimmer and more sly. There are some preventative methods you can take to deter foxes from stalking your property. Fences with spaces of three inches or smaller and one to two feet deep will keep foxes off your property. Some foxes will climb fences without hesitation, so including a top or roof of net wire might be necessary. The depth is to prevent digging under the fence.

    Though foxes are skittish around humans, frightening them away is a short term solution as these clever creatures easily adapt to regular noises, recognizing the nonthreatening element of repetitive sound or flashes of light without real consequences. Some fumigants and toxins are legal to control for the fox population, but the most effective and cost-efficient method is trapping. It’s important to call in a professional before attempting to out-fox a fox as inexpert attempts will teach the animal to be wary and make experienced animal control efforts less effective. Call Omega Animal Removal immediately if you notice any of the signs of a fox problem.

  • Signs of a Fox Infestation

    Signs of a Fox Infestation

    Foxes are very stealthy, so it may take some time before you become aware of a potential invasion on your property. Look for the following signs regularly to keep your pets and loved ones secure:

    • Footprints similar to a dog’s but slightly slimmer and elongated
    • Holes under shallow fences
    • Sighting a fox itself should be an instantaneous prompt to call Omega Animal Removal