Duck Removal and Control in Dallas, Texas

  • Don't Go Daffy Over Ducks on Your Dallas Property. Call Omega Animal Removal.

    Don't Go Daffy Over Ducks on Your Dallas Property. Call Omega Animal Removal.

    Ducks are frequently hunted throughout Texas, though rarely considered pests in residential areas. With a recent population explosion, however, they are causing massive issues in apartment complexes and neighborhoods throughout Dallas, Texas with their prolific nesting, acidic feces and aggressive, dominant attitudes. Although ducks in general are native to North America, the muscovy duck is originally a specimen from Central and South America. They are found almost exclusively in southern Texas, but have expanded to other parts of the state where forest, swamps and ponds are present.

    These scavengers harass citizens for food and excrete toxic waste indiscriminately all over porches, patios, cars and walkways. Ducks are also highly destructive to gardens and lawns as they frequently tear up grass, roots and sod when they are not in direct, easy proximity to aquatic plants or small fish.

    These intelligent birds can recognize an aggressor from a large distance, making trapping or catching them exceedingly difficult. Omega Animal Removal has been the number one animal control company in Dallas for years, and have a nuanced understanding of the rising duck infestation issue in the area. Don’t hesitate to call if you recognize a few of these red-faced, black and white-feathered birds in your neighborhood. They tend to settle close to residential areas where there are small bodies of water such as ponds, lakes and even swimming pools. The chlorine is unhealthy for these waterfowl, but that doesn’t keep them from dominating your poolside to unwind after a long day of tearing up your flower beds and freshly mowed lawn.

    Omega Animal Removal has a licensed team of professionals fluent in the habits and behavior of muscovy ducks and other water birds. These animals quickly become dominant where they feel comfortable, so do not hesitate to call us as soon as you spot one or more of these animals stalking your yard and garden so we can take care of the problem before it gets out of hand. The most common method for controlling the duck species is through baited, walk-in traps. This invasive species should not be left to roam around your house as they squeeze out the food for other local wildlife, damage property and transmit diseases.

  • Signs of a Duck Infestation

    Signs of a Duck Infestation

    Don't let ducks tear up your property. Here are a few telltale signs you have them around:

    • Feces, typically of a green or white hue on or around patio and garden furniture, railings and porches
    • Sightings of one or more muscovy ducks, recognizable by their knobbly, red faces
    • Quacking noises where ducks are not frequent visitors