Bird Control and Removal in Dallas, Texas

  • Birds Bothering You? Call Omega Animal Removal.

    Birds Bothering You? Call Omega Animal Removal.

    Pigeons are a universal staple of any large metropolitan area, but these birds can easily become nuisances to your Dallas, Texas home or business. Their acidic feces erodes a chemical in the paint used on exteriors of buildings, meaning it can destroy the finish on your home or office. Crows are similarly aggressive and very intelligent birds that scavenge just about anything. Crows in particular are very adaptable birds, and have a reputation for being destructive of property and agricultural crops. Though they are protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, certain methods for controlling the species are approved.

    If pigeons and crows aren’t quelled immediately, they become increasingly aggressive over time, nesting on your property, dropping feces on all exposed surfaces and harassing you and your guests for food. Crows and pigeons both become habituated to scare tactics, so it is better to avoid shooing them away yourself and immediately call a professional animal control service. Birds can spread more than sixty transmittable diseases, from Salmonella to meningitis. They are also famous carriers of fleas, mites, ticks and lice, all of which can be transferred to pets and people in your home or business.

    Omega Animal Removal has been keeping an eye on the growing bird control issue in Dallas, monitoring the behavior of pigeons and crows in the area. As scavengers their population has increased in parallel along with human population expansion in Dallas. This is less of an issue for pigeons as they have a lifespan of only six years in the wild, but crows on the other hand can live up to the age of twenty. Omega Animal removal has a specific method for bird control and ensuring you are safe from future infestations. First, we will conduct an evaluation of your property to determine the specifics of your bird problem, from species, to feeding habits and roosting tendencies.

    We then change the environment, disrupting the habitat of the crows or pigeons that have settled on or around your property. Finally, we proof your building against possible future infestations with subtle wire prongs that keep birds from landing on banisters or flat surfaces. Omega Animal Removal will continue to monitor the issue to make sure that the measures we have taken permanently solve your bird control problem. Rest easy with bird control professionals decontaminating you building and keeping it free of corrosive droppings and obnoxious noise pollution.

  • Signs of a Bird Infestation

    Signs of a Bird Infestation

    Flocks of unwanted birds around your home and office are easy to spot, but here are a few might signs you have a bird problem:

    • Feces on or around garden furniture, railings and the building edges
    • Distracting cooing or noises outside windows
    • Large congregations of crows or pigeons on or around your property