• Full Residential Exclusions for Austin Homes and Properties

    Full Residential Exclusions for Austin Homes and Properties

    Omega Animal Removal provides a comprehensive list of services in professional wildlife control for a variety of animals in Austin, Texas. Our goal is to minimize damages on residential, commercial and business properties and eliminate the culprit. We are a team of highly skilled and state-certified specialists who provide a number of services to help homeowners rid their properties of unwanted guests.

    We've listed some of the most common animals that you could be dealing with in your home or commercial building:

    • Rats and rodents
    • Opossums
    • Bats
    • Raccoons
    • Bees
    • Squirrels

    After the capture and removal of all wildlife from your property, we then identify all entry and exit points as well as weak points in structures for exclusion. This allows us to completely seal off your house to any more animals and secondary pests. All of our services have a Lifetime Guarantee— we are only interested in delivering long-lasting and affordable solutions.

    Our territory includes homes and businesses in and around Austin, Texas. We are qualified to track down and capture all animals that may seek shelter on your property. As certified wildlife specialists and biologists, we have a unique understanding of animal behavior and nesting habits. In other words, we know where and how to look.

    before an exclusion
    Damage Before An Exclusion
    after an exclusion
    Repair After An Exclusion
  • Exclusion Services in Austin

    Exclusion Services in Austin

    Omega Animal Removal is the leading provider for premier residential and business restoration and exclusion services throughout Austin, Texas. Our knowledge and experience allows us to guarantee long-term exclusion services.

    Even minor damage caused by animals in your attic can lead to more serious problems, such as electrical fires, a leaky roof, higher energy consumption and overall drop in the value of your property. That’s why we aim to provide high-quality exclusion services to home owners and businesses in Austin, Texas.

    Whatever the type and size of the damage, we are here to help. Our professional and thorough repair and exclusion services guarantee you complete peace of mind. At Omega Animal Removal we take that extra step to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with our work. We have built a name for ourselves by offering professional, reliable and affordable wildlife management services, and attic repair and exclusion solutions in Austin, Texas.

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