Dead Animal Removal in Austin, Texas

  • Dead Animal Causing a Stink in Your Austin Home or Business?

    Dead Animal Causing a Stink in Your Austin Home or Business?

    The only thing worse than finding a live animal you need removed is a dead one. Fortunately, Omega Animal Removal is the leading provider of professional, reliable and cost-effective wildlife management and control services in Austin, Texas—and our services extend into dead animal removal as well. Our team is trained and equipped to clean up all waste, repair damages and even dispose of dead animals. Removing wild critters from residential, commercial or business properties is the first step of ensuring the premises are 100% wildlife-free, and many times, what is left behind can be even worse.

    If an animal crawls inside walls, in attics or crawlspaces, and dies, not only will it continue to rot there until it's removed, but the area is now a breeding ground for fleas, mites, rats, maggots and bacteria, all of which can pose a serious health hazard to the people living there. And then there's the smell. Often times, it's difficult to locate and remove dead animals on your own. Because you never know the extent of the damage and decay, we always recommend seeking out the services of licensed and experienced wildlife specialists who know their craft.

    At Omega Animal Removal we specialize in the provision of a variety of services that aim to return your property to its previous pristine state. We use techniques and equipment that allow us to find animals in crawl spaces, gutters, vents, attics or inside walls and remove their remains before they start rotting away. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of customer protection and satisfaction through the provision of reliable dead animal removal and decontamination packages.

    This is what we find in attics and why we sometimes have to do attic restorations.
  • Omega Animal Removal Specializes in Dead Animal Removal in Texas

    Omega Animal Removal Specializes in Dead Animal Removal in Texas

    The removal of a dead animal from your property is a delicate service that is best performed by licensed and insured professionals. Omega Animal Removal offers premier wildlife management and removal services in Austin, Texas that are fully customized to each clients’ individual circumstances. We pride ourselves on providing quick turnarounds to prevent disease, property damage and safeguard your and your family’s health and well-being.