Top Signs You Need Rat Removal Services

Top Signs You Need Rat Removal Services

Trying to figure out that you have a rat in your home isn’t always an easy task due to their cleverness. However, being able to recognize the signs of a rat infestation will enable you to quickly handle the issue. Whether you choose to contact a professional service or deal with the removal of rats at home, being able to identify these signs will help you in getting ahead of the issue before it becomes a major problem. If you are looking for rat removal services in the Dallas area, be sure to check out Omega Animal Removal and the great services they offer.

Rat Droppings

If you happen to come across rat droppings in your home, then there’s a good chance that you are sharing your home with at least one rat and removal may be necessary. If there is an abundance of rat droppings, it still may mean only one rodent is in your home, as rats are known to be able to produce up to around forty droppings in a single night. The rat droppings will usually be concentrated in a single area, usually centralized close to where they rest. Rat droppings resemble small, oval-shaped beans that almost look like seeds. You should never touch rat droppings with your bare hands as they can carry harmful bacteria. Always wear gloves when cleaning up rat droppings and the surrounding area.

Dark Marks

Due to rats having poor eyesight, they will usually depend on the walls around them to help them navigate a path of movement. They will continue along this path until something disrupts them and they are forced to flee from it. Since their bodies are collectors of dust and grease, it is common that they leave behind marks along walls and in areas where they may have squeezed their way through a tight spot. If you encounter dark marks along the baseboards of your home, you may be in need of rat removal.

Scratching Noises

If you experience scratching noises within your walls, it may be time to look into rat removal. The two main types of rats- black and brown- produce scratching noises during nighttime. Black rats are notorious for their climbing which gives them easy access to roofs and attics. Their scuttling around in the attic can lead to high stress and restless nights. Allen Brown rats are not as good at climbing but still tend to produce scratching noises. They have a necessity to bite and chew things in order to grind down their teeth which leads them to bite down on the wood of the walls inside your home. If you are experiencing random scratching noises from inside the walls or the attic, then there is a good probability that rat removal services are needed.

Rat Holes

One of the more obvious ways to tell if rat removal services are needed is through the finding of a rat hole inside your home. The image of a rat hole isn’t far off from the cartoonish version we’ve all seen before. However, most rats usually prefer to burrow themselves underground. In order to locate these burrows, an exterminator looking for rats will have to look around buildings for the areas where the rats are getting inside your home. Rats will usually build a hole beside the side of a wall or other structures, allowing them to easily sneak inside of your home. Make sure that if you suspect a rat infestation that you are taking a careful look around your home for any holes that might reside close to the side of your house.

These are just some of the signs to look out for if you think you may have rats inside your home. Make sure that if you come across any of these signs that you look into professional rat removal services immediately to ensure you catch the issue early. For all of your animal removal needs in Dallas, contact Omega Animal Removal and check out the services we offer.