Prevent Rat Infestation During the Rainy Season

Rats are known for being foul rodents that you don't want to find anywhere in or around the home. They are known for finding anywhere warm and easy to access to make a nest and can multiply rapidly. During the rainy season, rats will find any conveniently located spot to make a home, such as under sheds, in garden buildings, or in or near homes. When you see possible signs of rat ingestion, don't wait to call Dallas rodent removal experts to rid the premises of rats once and for all during the peak rainy season.

Place Lids on Garbage and Seal Up Food Sources

The first thing rats look for in a nesting area is a good source. Outside your home, trash cans make a great place to find food. Keep a lid on those garbage cans if you want to keep rats away from your home. Another big attraction for a food source for rats is pet food. Pet food left out all the time can signal to the rats that they can have an around-the-clock place to come and get food. Feed pets as needed and place food out of reach or in a sealed container after feeding, so rats aren't tempted to find a home near you this rainy season. It's also a good idea to seal up any food inside the home in airtight containers as well, just in case rats find their way inside the home too. If you have left out food for rats to find and they have set up residence in your yard or house, seal up all food from now on and call in the expert rat removal professionals in Dallas to dispose of rat infestations.

Clean Gutters, Leaves, and Debris Piles

It is always a good idea before spring rains to clean out gutters to keep water and debris away from the home. But an added benefit to cleaning out gutters and clearing away debris is taking away a rat's potential for using the debris or leaves to build a nest. The rain can cause leaves and debris to flow down the downspout, giving rats easy access to nesting material. Clean up the yard, gutters, and debris to limit access to places for nests for rats, especially during breeding season. If you discover an infestation while cleaning up around the yard, make an immediate call to Dallas rat removal experts to take care of the infestation right away.

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