• Our Green Approach to Wildlife Control

    Our Green Approach to Wildlife Control

    With all of the pollution our environment faces today, the last thing Omega Animal Removal wants to do is add more to the problem. Most wildlife control companies use low quality insecticides, pesticides and poisons to treat nuisance wildlife issues. At Omega Animal Removal, we do our part to protect the environment and use more effective methods of wildlife control that may cost us more, but don’t contain those harmful chemicals and poisons. Our products and methods are all natural. These dangerous and harmful chemicals have been finding their way into our water supplies and adding to the increasing pollution problem.

    That is why Omega Animal Removal takes a totally radical approach to wildlife control. Not only can we control any type of nuisance wildlife, we can do it with out killing or harming any animals in the process. When wildlife finds it way into your attic, we get them out without ever having to set a trap. After humanely removed all animals, we then go ahead and clean up after them and sanitize your attic with only all natural products that are safe for you and your family.

    While harsh chemical based poisons and pesticide based granule deterrents can be effective, they put your family in direct contact with that same carcinogens that the applicators use respirators and gloves to keep themselves safe from. The good news is that Omega Animal Removal can offer all of these same services without every using a single nasty chemical! Not only is this safer for you and your family, it is safe for the environment and the animals aside from the target animals that will come into contact with our deterrents.