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If you have pesky wildlife getting cozy in your home, you’ll need Omega Animal Removal’s full exclusion services—or you are asking for wildlife to return eventually. A full exclusion is exactly what it sounds like: entirely excluding animals from your home, a process which is completed by finding all entry points and preventing them from being used ever again.

The Rodent Control Specialists at Omega Animal Removal provide the best full home or business exclusion services because they are the most knowledgeable professionals available. To find out how rodents enter your home, you have to think like a rodent, which means understanding their behaviors, preferences and habits.

Exclusion is our preferred method of solving your wildlife problems because it is the most humane. We don’t break up families via relocation and we don’t kill animals via trapping. Ensnaring a mother raccoon while her babies are left to die in your attic or beneath your floorboards is not an outcome Omega Animal Removal or our customers would condone. Furthermore, an exclusion means that, from the beginning, we keep our eyes on the ultimate goal: a comprehensive solution. Best of all, our business model includes a Lifetime Guarantee, and that’s something our competition can’t beat.


When you hire our competitors who are not as knowledgeable as the Rodent Control Specialists at Omega Animal Removal, the wildlife problem in your Fort Worth, TX, home or business enters a cycle:

  1. Removal of wildlife.
  2. Closure of entry points with spray foam.
  3. Re-entry of wildlife.

This cycle becomes a money-pit and it’s easy to assume your home or business is simply particularly infested, that you can’t solve your problem for good and must accept it. However, it is precisely the lack of knowledge that prevents the full exclusion from being performed with 100% comprehensiveness the first time. Our competitors don’t think like rodents, and they use cheap materials, so they can’t keep rodents out of your home or business. Omega Animal Removal chooses to use only the best metal based products and weatherproof outdoor sealants.

Keeping wildlife from your home for good is obviously our top priority, but there is another area of concern that often is neglected by our competitors — the final look of your home following the closure of all entry points.

In particularly we’re talking bout the wooden areas of your home that surround your attic, such as the soffit and fascia boards, which rodents absolutely love. Anyone can close up a hole caused by a determined rodent, but matching the paint and restoring your home to look as good as if nothing ever happened is just one more reason why the specialists at Omega Animal Removal stand out.

Even if a single entry point is left unfound, it will undoubtedly let rodents back into your home or business — and in fact this plays to their preferences because they tend to use the same pathways again and again, which is why you see grease marks from their fur throughout your attic and their trails in vegetation outside your home.

When you’re ready to keep animals out of your attic for good, call Omega Animal Removal today to request a free quote for our exclusion services in Fort Worth.