• Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    When it comes to animal infestations and removal, your commercial business in Fort Worth is no different from the homes that surround it — it’s a target for animals that need a place to live. Fortunately for your retail store, small business, industrial group, property management company or apartment complex, our wildlife specialists are the most highly trained professionals — backed by extensive commercial experience and industry leading guarantee— Omega Animal Removal will ensure your wildlife issues are gone for good.

    We know your business can't afford to have its operations hampered by wildlife that should never have invaded in the first place. And when we say wildlife, we mean that in the broadest sense of the word — are the people to call for commercial rodent control, bird control, bee removal, snake removal and any other wildlife affecting your commercial operation. That’s why our comprehensive approach includes all of the following while remaining environmentally friendly and without using poison:

    • Complete, humane removal of wildlife
    • Preventive measures that guarantee wildlife do not return
    • Clean up and restoration

    Call us now to meet with our wildlife specialists within 24 hours and formulate a plan to solve your animal problem for good.

  • Bird Control and Prevention

    Bird Control and Prevention

    Birds are often the biggest bother to commercial operations in Fort Worth. They tend to gather in the same places and worse yet, in large numbers, being a nuisance to customers and leaving huge amounts of fecal material in their wake. Whether you’re dealing with crows, pigeons, buzzards or less problematic types like sparrows, we can ensure they’ll stay off your property. Even if they are federally protected, our wildlife specialists are so highly trained they are ready to implement the best solutions for the birds and your commercial operation.

    Omega Animal Removal uses bird spikes to keep birds off your buildings. Bird Spikes are stainless steel or plastic spikes that are arranged in strips on areas, such as the edges of roofs, where birds frequently gather. Omega Animal Removal only uses the highest quality galvanized and weatherized steel — no deterioration here — to accomplish the goals of our spiking and control programs, which are the most advanced industry-wide.

    Commercial Bird Control And Prevention by Omega Animal Removal
  • Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Your property managers keep tenants happy by solving their problems quickly and thoroughly. If you can’t solve their problems — for example, if you can’t make wildlife stay out of their homes — your clients will find a new management company. The problem with animal invasions is that they can recur when animals gnaw and claw their way back into the homes from which they were just expelled. This isn’t their fault, it’s the fault of the removal specialists who didn’t do everything in their power to ensure animal invaders would stay away. Their mistakes range from not moving animals to a new area to not reinforcing entry points with metal that prevents future use—but at Omega Animal Removal, we don't make either of these errors.

    Rodents and bees are by far the most common wildlife problems bothering homeowners and renters. Not only are they common, but they are threatening. Rodents are a biohazard — not to mention at the core of most people’s standards of creepiness — and bees can cause painful injuries, particularly to children, and even be life-threatening to those with allergies. Don’t let these pests lead to bad online reviews and a negative perception of your properties. Call Omega Animal Removal today to discreetly, quickly and completely deal with the issue.


    When homes or apartments are occupied, rodents tend to generally get discovered and eradicated relatively quickly — but while these properties sit on the market, quiet and inviting — attics often take up rodents as tenants.


    If you've been in the game long enough, at least one of your Fort Worth properties has probably been infested with honeybees in the past, or at the very least plagued with a small hive hanging in a common exterior area. Many of your customers are undoubtedly scared of bees as well, which only furthers your need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

    Property Management Cooperation with Omega Animal Removal
  • Animal Removal for Fort Worth Apartment Complexes

    Animal Removal for Fort Worth Apartment Complexes

    Apartment complexes aren’t any more protected than single-family homes when it comes to the threat of wildlife taking up residence. If anything, they offer more opportunities for animal invaders due to their size. It’s not difficult for maintenance staff to miss signs of animal invasion, particularly if they are somewhat short-handed and have a large complex to keep in order from the inside out.

    If you are a property manager or an owner of an apartment complex currently suffering from an animal invasion, the licensed wildlife removal specialists at Omega Animal Removal can visit your property within 24 hours of being contacted. We’ll immediately inspect each of your buildings and craft a custom plan to free your complex of animal invaders and keep them where they belong — far outside its borders.

    Animals don’t just damage the exterior of your apartment buildings, they tear apart the interiors and leave behind urine, feces, bacteria and fungal spores. This bacteria and these spores spread easily via the HVAC and A/C duct work, then right into the units and bodies of your tenants. Even the Centers For Disease Control has identified this as a serious threat.