• Frequently Asked Questions and Competition Comparison

    Frequently Asked Questions and Competition Comparison

    When dealing with a rodent infestation in Dallas for the first time, most people have tons of questions that arise immediately following the realization. On this page, you will find a variety of frequently asked questions in regards to rodent control, rodent removal, and remediation services. We will also answer some questions that you may have in regards to the difference between our process and services, and those of our competitors. 

  • Question: How long does the entire process take and how often do you return to check the traps?

    Question: How long does the entire process take and how often do you return to check the traps?

    Answer: To be honest, there is no set time frame that we typically see. Each Dallas home is different and each client’s nuisance wildlife infestation is different. Given the varying nature of what we see on a day-to-day basis, some jobs can take 2 weeks to complete and some can take 6 weeks or more. If we had to give an average, we typically see the first two parts of our process take about 10-14 days to complete in full. That range is very dependent on the size of the exclusion and if the animals attempt to regain entry by chewing through unusual places on your home. It also is dependent on how far out our exclusion team is booked, which can be influenced heavily by weekly weather patterns. After we complete the full home exclusion and we have successfully trapped and remove the existing population of animals from your attic, then we will either finish up with our attic fogging treatment or complete a full attic restoration. Either way, we say it takes about 21-30 days from the day we collect signatures to complete the entire scope of work on your home. Your wildlife specialist will return 1-2 times per week to check the traps and will be able to update you on the progress and also provide you with estimated timeframes for completion based on how the trapping is coming along.

  • Question: Do I need to replace my attic insulation following a rodent infestation?

    Question: Do I need to replace my attic insulation following a rodent infestation?

    Answer: This is a very difficult question to answer without having seen the infestation and subsequent damage caused by the infestation first hand. There are many other companies in this industry that sell attic restoration services in Dallas to every house no matter what. The main claim that most of our competitors preach is that cellulose insulation is rodent proof or a rodent deterrent in some sort of way. This is scientifically proven to be false through numerous case studies published by nationally recognized institutions. We will dig into this in a separate FAQ a little further down the page.

    We can tell you that we will not try to sell you, or otherwise aggressively suggest a full attic restoration unless the damages incurred during the infestation have compromised your home’s attic insulation, electrical wiring or ductwork systems. Attic restorations are also necessary when the attic insulation is heavily saturated with urine, feces and nesting sites. When the insulation becomes excessively saturated during the infestation, it is imperative to completely clean out, deodorize and disinfect the attic in order to eliminate all of the pheromones, scent trails and biological markers that attract new populations of animals back to your home. This significantly lessens, if not totally prevents, the animals from attempting to, or successfully chewing their way back into your home.

  • Question: Will the exclusion work be noticeable?

    Question: Will the exclusion work be noticeable?

    Answer: Our business is built on the principle of treating your Dallas home as if it is our own so we will always do everything we can to ensure the repairs are as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Anytime that you are adding any type of materials to the exterior of your home, there is the possibility that it will be noticeable. Our exclusion team is the highest rated and most reviewed exclusion team in Texas and we always paint any visible exterior exclusion work to exactly match the exterior color of your home so that the work will be as “invisible” as possible. Some of the adhesives we use to secure metal flashing and other materials to the home can be visible before they dry and collect normal dust and become slightly weatherized. 

    The bottom line is that functionality trumps aesthetics. However, we will absolutely never use that as an excuse to perform anything less than stellar work. If you have any questions about the exclusion work performed, reach out to your Wildlife Specialist and they will setup an appointment to inspect the work and it will be redone if it was not done to the best of its ability.