• Omega Animal Removal in Dallas Gets Rid of Rodents

    Omega Animal Removal in Dallas Gets Rid of Rodents

    The most common fear of homeowners in urban areas such as Dallas, Texas is that the rodent populations in these bustling, populated epicenters will find their way into residential homes. Rodent control is a legitimate concern as rodent infestations are among the most frequent issues for animal control specialists, but this also means the rodent control experts at Omega Animal Removal is now highly skilled at quickly identifying and eradicating the problem for Dallas residents. With Dallas and the surrounding area expanding at a rapid rate, it is driving rats into homes with shocking frequency.

    The good news is that avoiding a rat infestation is not impossible. The most important thing that you can do is contact Omega Animal Removal to completely inspect your home and seal off any possible entry points that mice, rats and other rodent could come in through. This begins with sealing off rodent entry points on the roof, air conditioning lines, attic vents and any holes or cracks smaller than a quarter. In addition to those main entry points that rats and mice use to gain access into your home or attic, our Rodent Control Specialist will give you a detailed list of all areas that need to be properly sealed off to ensure your home is officially rodent proofed.

    Besides the general noise and disturbance caused by having these nocturnal creatures scurrying around your attic and home at night, rats cause significant problems for homeowners. They chew through cables and wires causing electrical fires, they contaminate insulation, air filtration systems and food supplies through the airborne diseases in their urine and feces and they reproduce at rapid rates, multiplying the problem exponentially as weeks go by. Store-bought traps may occasionally work the first time, but rat urine and droppings leave trails in and out of entrances to our home which leave a trail for other rodents to find their way inside to the comfort of a ready-made shelter.

    Omega specializes in Rodent Control & Removal
    Rats Chewed Straight Threw This Ethernet Cable
    Rats Chewed Straight Threw This Ethernet Cable and Surrounding Wires
  • Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Don’t hesitate to call for a consultation if you recognize any of the following signals:

    • Subtle scratching or scurrying noises in your ceiling and walls
    • Urine patches and droppings in cupboards and around food items
    • Bits of food or crumbs in strange places
    • Chewed wires
    • Holes in food cartons
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  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Rodent Removal

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Rodent Removal

    Our mission in rodent control and removal is a quick, cost-efficient and healthy method for getting rid of uninvited guests from your residence or business. We respond directly to all rodent control calls suspecting rodent infestations of any kind. Our four step process is as follows:

    1. An evaluation of the problem at ground and roof level, from the exterior and interior.
    2. We then trap and remove all rodents in your home.
    3. We seal all entry points to ensure that no other wildlife can enter your home, paying close attention to weaknesses in the wood and siding and closing up all cracks and vulnerabilities with maximum strength materials.
    4. Finally, the most important step: we sanitize and decontaminate anything and everything that has come into contact with the rodents.

    We work hard to make sure you receive total protection and peace of mind for yourself and your family. Call immediately at the first sign of unwelcome rodents in your home.

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