Frisco Rodent Control

  • Frisco Rodent Control

    Frisco Rodent Control

    To fully rid your home of unwanted rats and mice, it is imperative that you turn to a reputable professional Frisco rodent control company that can completely eradicate your rodent problem.  No homeowner wants to discover a rat or mice infestation.  But if you do, it's nice to know your problem is the hands of those who are truly qualified to rid your home of these pests.  Omega Animal Removal is one of the top Frisco rodent control companies that you can turn to during this frustrating time.

  • The Risks of Rodents in the Home

    The Risks of Rodents in the Home

    Having rodents in your home for any amount of time comes with its fair share of risks.  Rodents are known to work their way into any part of your home, destroying clothing and shoes, or contaminating your food supply.  In addition, they also are dirty animals that carry diseases.  Don’t risk contamination through rodent urine, feces, or saliva.  Get rid of risky rodents with Omega Animal Removal, your Frisco rodent control specialists.

  • Our Proven Process

    Our Proven Process

    The rodent control specialists at Omega have spent years eliminating pesky rodents from home.  With our years of experience in rodent control in Frisco, we have developed an effective 4-step system for getting rodents out and keeping them out.  First, specialists will locate the rodents and determine the best method for removal.  They will then proceed with the removal of that rats in the home.  After each and every rodent is removed, the Frisco rodent control specialists will patch up any areas rodents were getting in or out of your home so that they no longer have access to the house.  Not only will they ensure they won’t be able to get in your home, they will also work with you to reduce rodent population in your area to reduce chances of another infestation.  The last step is to clean decontaminate the area.  Our team is so confident in this 4-step plan that we offer a lifetime guarantee, the only one in the Frisco rodent control industry.  You know that your problem will truly be dealt with when you call Omega Animal Removal.

  • About Omega

    About Omega

    At Omega, we take Frisco rodent control seriously.  Because of this, our rodent control specialists spend countless hours studying and analyzing rat behavior and biology in order to best understand how to remove these nuisances from your home.  Don’t trust just anyone with Frisco rodent control.  Call Omega as soon as you discover a problem because a rat infestation left for too long can cost countless dollars.  At Omega, we can handle your rat infestation and save you money in the process.  So call today to set up a consultation if you suspect a rat problem and rest assured your Frisco rodent control problem is handled with our team of experts.