What to Do When There’s a Bee Infestation

Have you figured out recently that there are a lot more bees around than usual? Suspecting that there might be a beehive nearby? Or have you already spotted a beehive in the area and want it off of your property? There are a couple different things you can do if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with bees and want them gone.

But first, you have to figure out if you’re dealing with bees or worse: wasps and hornets.

Are You Dealing with Bees or Wasps and Hornets?

Before you take any preventative measures or commit to any removal of pests, you want to figure out what you’re actually dealing with: bees or wasps and hornets?

Bees aren’t inherently harmful to you and aren’t naturally inclined to attack other people. Bees are also helpful for the environment and it’s not uncommon that local individuals and organizations would be interested in capturing the bees, rather than see them exterminated.

If you’re dealing with wasps and hornets, however, then you’ve got a different situation on your hands. Wasps and hornets are more aggressive and more likely to attack people, which is why you want to be careful about how you approach an infestation of wasps and hornets, compared to bees.

Call a Beekeeper or Exterminator

Depending on whether or not you’re dealing with bees or wasps and hornets, who you call to get help will vary. If you’re dealing with bees, call a local beekeeper and see if they are interested in capturing the bees. If you’re dealing with wasps and hornets, you’re going to be better off letting an exterminator handle the situation.

In either situation, you can give us a call at Omega Animal Removal and we can help.

Why You Want a Professional to Handle the Bee Removal

It might be tempting to try and handle the bee removal on your own, but it’s generally better to have a professional handle it. If you’re dealing with bees, there are extra precautions that can be taken to ensure that the bees are safely removed from your property and taken where they can be better utilized. And if you’re dealing with wasps and hornets, you don’t want to try and remove them from their nests on your property without proper equipment.

Contact us today at Omega Animal Removal to learn more about how we can help you with bee removal or how to deal with wasps and hornets on your property.