3 Raccoon Control Tips
April, 7 2018
Often times, you may come out your door to see a raccoon outside your home. While you may be able to scare them off, some raccoons will keep coming back. Sometimes, raccoons may even come inside your home to nest in the attic or basement. When this happens, it is important that you use these 3 raccoon control tips to keep them off your yard and out of your home.
Why You Need Rodent Control for Squirrels?
March, 2 2018
When you see squirrels, you may not think of rodent control because they are such a prevalent part of our habitat. Squirrels live in the suburbs as much as they do in parks and the country. However, when they start to invade your space, you’ll begin to notice the damage that they can do. When you start to see entry ways being made to your home or hear them running around on your roof, you should call in the rodent control experts to make sure that you don’t end up having some costly damage. Here we explore three reasons that you need to call in rodent control for invasive squirrels.
Do You Need Rodent Control? 4 Ways to Know
January, 14 2018
No one wants to hear that they have rodent in the home. And in many cases, you may not even realize you need rodent control. However, if you do have wildlife invaders, it’s vital that you get the pros involved to have them removed because they can spread disease and do expensive damage to your home. Here are a few ways to know if you need rodent control.
3 Reasons Not to Wait on Getting Rodent Control
December, 12 2017
Let’s imagine that you hear some suspicious skittering around in the attic. Or you can hear some noises from something rummaging around outside the home. And it’s not just a one-time thing. If you notice these happening more than once, regularly, you probably need to get professional rodent control to help you take care of some rodents and pests about to claim your home as their home, too.
Why Rodent Control is Important to Your Health and Safety
November, 11 2017
​When you see a mouse or rat in or around your house, your first instinct may be to run and scare it away. As long as you don’t see it again, you put it out of your mind. However, the first thing you should do when you see a rat or mouse is call rodent control because where there is one, there are more. Plus, rodent control is important to the health and safety of those that live in the space, and here are just a few ways that rodents can do damage.
​How to Get Rid of Unwanted Pests
October, 10 2017
Bees Are Important, But...
September, 24 2017
​Bees are an integral aspect of our ecosystem. Without bees, the pollination process would be stifled causing a major impact on economies around the world as agriculture would grind to a halt; not to mention, where would we get our honey?
Real Danger of Bat Guano
August, 25 2017
The presence of bats in a home presents a real problem, but probably not the problem that most people think about. When talking about bats, most people assume that the whole population is infected with rabies. However, the CDC reports that of those tested, only about 6% of bats had rabies. Other organizations claim that an even lower number (less than 1%) is at risk of being infected with or transmitting rabies.
What to Look for in a Rodent Control Company
July, 20 2017
Late at night while you are in bed sleeping, you suddenly hear a chewing noise above you. As a homeowner, that is a frightening thought because that means you have something in your attic. You need to take care of it quickly and efficiently. How do you know that you are hiring the best company to deal with your rodent control?
What to Do When Your Home Is Invaded
June, 15 2017