Humane Raccoon Removal in Los Angeles and Orange County

The first time you found your garbage can inverted on your driveway you blamed your pesky neighbor's son Mark and his hooligan friends. The same ones you were absolutely certain painted your mailbox last summer. Why they would take evident pleasure in sifting through trash, you weren't sure. There was definitely a half-eaten pizza in there, which was missing the next morning among the garbage carnage—you shuddered to think what had been done with it.

After the third morning of overturned garbage in a row you noticed Gunther had no more food in his dog bowl, despite being locked inside overnight. Were the neighborhood kids eating dog food now, too? You muttered to yourself that you would never understand teens. It's been a week since you started keeping Gunther's food in the garage and still you wake up on some mornings to find your garbage in shreds across your lawn. Omega Animal Removal is here to tell you we can diagnose your problem in Los Angeles or Orange County—and it's not the teens.

Check your yard for tiny footprints, as your garbage predator is likely a raccoon. Omega Animal Removal services in Orange County and Los Angeles are the best in the business. We make sure we use the highest quality materials and solve the problem efficiently and with long-term efficacy. Our method includes a simple four-step process that begins with a basic home inspection. We evaluate the scope of the problem and then move into trapping and removing the raccoons in the most humane ways possible. We then decontaminate any spaces within your home and on your property that may have been accessed by the raccoon. Our fourth and final step is called exclusion, which is the process of making sure the raccoons are unable to enter your home by sealing any cracks or holes with highest quality metals. We also paint our seals to match your home color so the work is elegant and unnoticeable.

Don't hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal when you have a raccoon digging through your trash and harassing your pets. The neighborhood ruffians may be problematic, but they are unlikely to carry rabies or take up residence in your attic.