How Much Does Rodent Removal Cost?

How Much Does Rodent Removal Cost?

In reality, it really depends on what type of situation you are dealing with and what type of solution you would like. Most rodent problems need to be resolved thoroughly and properly to prevent future damage from occurring in the house.

Typically, rodent removal involves sealing off all of the entry points around the home, both on the roofline and on the ground level, trapping and removing all of the animals in the attic, and also disinfecting and deodorizing the attic space to break down and eliminate any pheromones, odors, or biological markers that reattract the rodents back into the home.

A lot of rodent removal companies offer one-time rodent solutions where maybe they’ll use some sort of rodenticide or rat poison in the attic. Other times they’ll offer a deterrent like an electronic noise emitting machine that is supposed to use a high-frequency noise to scare the rodents out of the attic. The reality of that situation is that those rodent removal products don’t work. If you’re lucky enough to have poison and rodenticide work for you its really only going to resolve your rodent issue for a short period of time.

Most companies in the rodent removal industry will charge you between $300 - $500 for this service. Honestly, they won’t guarantee that your rodent problem is going to be completely resolved.

However, when you take the proper steps such as:

  • Sealing off the entire home and all of the entry points on the roof line and ground level
  • Trapping and removing all rodents from the attic
  • Also eliminating all of the pheromones in the attic by fogging and disinfecting the attic

That’s a permanent solution that generally will cost quite a bit more considering the amount of effort, labor, and materials that go into a service like that.