​Are Bees Destroying My Home?

It may seem as if you are always defending your home from an insect or rodent problem, and it may feel like various living creatures are constantly trying to make your home their own. Termites are known for destroying homes by eating into your wood, so when you have a termite infestation, you know you are dealing with a serious issue. But did you know there are other insects that can also eat through wood? You might not have known it but certain bees can drill holes in your wood that can weaken the structure of different parts of your home. If you’ve seen a large influx of bees around your home recently, you may have a bee problem. This is far more serious than dealing with a few potential bee stings—bees can destroy your home little by little and leave behind a slew of problems.

They Are Called Carpenter Bees for a Reason

Not to be confused with bumble bees, carpenter bees can cause issues to the exterior of your home, deck, or patio. As soon as you notice piles of sawdust around your property or little holes in wooden parts of your home’s exterior, start paying close attention. You are most likely dealing with carpenter bees. Female carpenter bees spend their time drilling small holes in your wood so they can create a nest to place their eggs. You typically see a lot of activity from these bees during the spring and summer season when the pollen is high and they can collect it for feeding the nest. Carpenter bees will not be stopped by much, so if you see evidence of their intrusion at your home, get in touch with the experts at Omega Animal Removal right away.

The Problems They Can Cause

If not identified and treated, these bees can burrow deep—several feet, in fact—into your wood. The longer you ignore the problem, the worse it will get, as carpenter bees often use the same hole year after year and that hole will just keep getting deeper. If you have several of these holes around your home, then the structure could eventually weaken, which could be an expensive fix, depending on its severity. Not only can these bees damage your wood, but they can also cause stains with their feces. Typically, carpenter bees do not like painted wood, so keep an eye out if you do have exposed wood somewhere around your house that has not been painted.

Reach Out to the Experts

At Omega Animal Removal, we will identify the nesting sites around your home and take care of the problem once and for all. If you are experiencing issues with carpenter bees or have an insect or rodent problem, call us today. We remove all sort of critters and rodents, so schedule a consultation with one of our many offices soon.