4 Ways Mice or Rats Can Destroy Your Home

Rodents like mice or rats always seem to be able to find a way into your home through the smallest possible spaces.  Even if a hole is not yet big enough for a mouse to enter, it can chew its way through the tiniest of holes until it can squeeze through.  Mice and rats will search out a warm place to be, especially during the colder weather.  Once inside, the population could grow and spiral out of control.  Before this happens, contact a rodent control company to ensure mice or rats don’t do these 4 things that will destroy your home.

Search for Food

A top priority for mice or rats is to find food in the home, urinating and dropping feces throughout your home in the process.  Whatever a mouse touches becomes contaminated, including all the food you have stored in your pantry.  Disease such as salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, along with many others can be transmitted through mice urine and droppings, causing fevers, diarrhea, and severe abdominal cramps.  Avoid getting sick by contacting a rodent control company as soon as you suspect you may have a mouse or rat problem.

Seek Out Water

Along with food, mice also need water for survival in your home.  Tubs, sinks, or even the dog’s water bowl are great places for them to get the water they need.  Avoid water contamination for you and your pets through proper rodent control.

Nest in the Home

Mice and rats are notorious for using whatever they can find to build a nest for their home.  From newspapers to clothes, nothing is off limits.  In order to make room for their next, a mouse or rat could chew through drywall or wiring, potentially causing significant damage to your home.  A rodent control company can find and remove these nests as well as the rodents that build them before any more damage occurs.

Breed a Larger Population

Large litters are common among mice and rats.  Mice especially can have 10 litters a year with as many as 6 mice to each litter.  As soon as these rodents get into your home through the roof or other entry points, the problem could quickly escalate as they begin to breed and the population of rodents gets larger.  Ensure this doesn’t happen and contact someone for rodent control right away.

If you suspect you may have a mice or rat problem in your home, contact Omega Animal Removal before these rodents destroy your home.