3 Raccoon Control Tips

3 Raccoon Control Tips

Often times, you may come out your door to see a raccoon outside your home.  While you may be able to scare them off, some raccoons will keep coming back.  Sometimes, raccoons may even come inside your home to nest in the attic or basement.  When this happens, it is important that you use these 3 raccoon control tips to keep them off your yard and out of your home.

Scare Them Off

While running after a raccoon might be one way to scare off a raccoon, there are other, more effective ways for raccoon control.  Motion lights or flashing lights can be an economical, easy way to keep raccoons away.  Raccoons are also repelled by the scent of bone meal or blood meal.  Waving flags or sprinkler systems are also ways to scare off the raccoons in your yard.  In extreme cases, electric fences will deliver a shock to the raccoons to keep them away.  It doesn’t always have to be an expensive, time consuming endeavor to keep raccoons out of your yard.

Seal Your Home

Raccoon nests in your home have the potential to cause many unwanted problems.  Raccoon feces may be contaminated with worms, E. Coli, or salmonella.  To avoid these parasites and other transmitted diseases, seal your home so that raccoons cannot find a way in.  Cover chimney access with a screen so that raccoons can’t gain entrance.  Always securely lock your attic and basement windows.  Put up mesh fencing around your porch or deck to prevent raccoons from taking up residence.  Also, trim your tree branches so that they are at least 5 feet away from the room as raccoons like to climb and jump onto roofs.  Should you need assistance in sealing your home for raccoon control, a professional animal removal company, such as Omega Animal Removal, can help.

Trap Raccoons

Chemicals for raccoon control illegal in most states and they don’t work.  To effectively get rid of a raccoon problem, trapping the raccoon is often the only answer.  A professional animal control company is the best way to go for raccoon control.  Raccoons can be aggressive.  Don’t risk getting too close to a live raccoon.  Leave the job for the professionals.  They will come out, assess the situation, place the traps, and then humanely remove the raccoon from your property.  To ensure the job is done right, call Omega Animal Removal, experts in raccoon control.