3 Best Ways to Keep Rodents Out of the Home

A rodent infestation is no pleasant thing. Rodents will get into your home and cause destruction. They can chew through wiring, contaminate your food, damage walls, and cause an all-around mess in your home. Keep things simple by turning to the professionals for rodent control in Dallas, TX. Omega Animal Removal is a top Dallas, TX rodent control company that can get rodents out and keep them out of your home. Here are the top five ways the professionals can keep rodents away from your home.

Eliminate Entry Points

Rodents are clever at finding ways in and out of your home. Even the smallest crack or hole can allow rodents in. At Omega Animal Removal, our team of professionals is skilled in knowing where to look for entry points in order to seal off access to the house and keep rodents out. They will seal cracks in foundation, walls, vents, or anywhere that a rodent might be able to fit through. Steel wool is best for sealing access points as it isn’t something rodents can chew through so it is sure to keep them from entering your home.

Setting Traps

Sealing up access points will keep rodents out of the house, but what about the ones who are already inside? Rodent control experts in Dallas, TX will set traps to capture the rodents still inside and remove them from the premises. Rodents can be good at avoiding traps, so the professionals at Omega Animal Removal set multiple traps in many locations to ensure all rodents are caught and removed.

Removing Sanitation

One thing that rodents love is trash and debris of all kinds. Any signs of sanitation are sure to attract pests. As a homeowner, one thing you can do to decrease the chances of rodents in or around the house is to remove all signs of poor sanitation. Clean up right after meals. Don’t leave trash piles around the house. Store food in airtight containers. This won’t get rid of rodents already in the home, but it will keep them from multiplying. Meanwhile, professional rodent control removers in Dallas, TX will work with you to remove rodents from the home.

If unwanted critters have found a way into your home, take care of the problem with the help of Omega Animal Removal. With years of expertise and knowledge, they are able to take care of your rodent control issues in Dallas, TX quickly and efficiently. Give them a call today and say goodbye to unwanted pests.