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Omega Animal Removal offers residential animal removal services to households throughout the Southlake area. We do not offer pest control as many agencies do. We are a special team of animal specialists dealing with rodents and other nuisance wildlife that may pose danger to your residence or commercial building.

Our dedication to excellent service has made us the leading animal removal service provider in the entire region. Our methods are natural and our equipment is state of the art. What makes us even more special when compared to our industry competitors is the after-removal decontamination in our clients’ business and homes. We repair the damages caused by the animals invading your attic and close off all entry points. One of our animal control techniques involves the use of one-way valves that will only permit the animals to exit but make it impossible to reenter the same again. We are driven and governed by the spirit of service and offer only the best in the industry, and that goes for our extensive guarantee.

Omega Animal Removal operates through standardized procedure that is thorough and highly detailed. Everything about our specialists will speak to their professionalism and expertise. They then take a keen tour of your property by walking through the perimeter of your home or business premises in Southlake after being briefed about your animal situation. They thoroughly check the ground level of the property for any spots that could be serving as the animals’ entry point(s). When finished with the ground level check, our animal specialists will proceed to check the roof too for any possible opening that could be letting the animals in.

Roof spots are a common entryway for most animals that inhabit people’s attics. We are aware of this and will carefully close the spaces in a manner that your ventilation is not in any way compromised. Our team will ultimately access your attic to inspect the animals’ breeding points, paths, feces, nesting area, the extent of damage caused and the debris to put together an exact assessment of the entire situation. These details will enable our team to also establish what kind of animals may be accessing your attic.

Our team will also check the entire length of your ductwork, electricity wiring and the beams to assess any possible damage caused to them as well. Thereafter we will discuss with you the recommended process to be undertaken, the exact animal causing the trouble and the guaranties and warranties that you will be offered alongside the service.


Southlake folks commonly seek Omega Animal Removal to help out with the problems associated with armadillos, raccoons, bats, bees, birds, coyotes, dead animals, ducks, big cats, foxes, groundhogs, hogs, mice, moles, prairie dogs, opossums, pocket gophers, rats, snakes, squirrels and skunks.

Rats are the most common nuisances here. They’re prone to destroying attics and materials therein. Sometimes the warm Southlake weather attracts bees that invading homes, property and business premises. Another frequent problem is that of snakes invading backyards, front yards, swimming pools and porches.

Armadillos may also tramples and dig through your yard and cause serious damage to the property. Squirrels are another animal that destroys attics as well as crawlspaces. All these animals can be removed now if you only call us.

Yet it does not end at removal, we also ensure your health and protection by conducting a full sanitation of the attic where the animals have left their feces, nesting, urine and other debris.


1. Our Omega Animal Removal specialists use humane methods to remove the animals and relocate them after capturing them alive so they will not be able to cause you any more havoc at home or in business in Southlake.

2. We then target each access point and fortify it during our home exclusion service. A complete home barring using only high quality metal products ensures animals will not be able to access your attic as long as Omega is in control.

3. Yet it does not end at removal, we also ensure your health and protection by conducting a full sanitation of the attic where the animals have left their feces, nesting, urine and other debris. We use our state-of-the-art fogging machine with hospital-grade disinfectant containing antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties to sterilize the area.

4. Feel condiment in your decision to partner with Omega Animal Removal. We’ll help you find the best, most cost-effective and all-natural means to control the wildlife nuisance problem.


We not only offer the leading service in the industry, we conduct the most thorough property assessment in Sand Diego before beginning the real work. We do not just solve the problem and leave it at that; we make sure the problem does not recur. We respect the lives of the wildlife and keep them alive, just not within your property where they destroy your assets and distract you from a peaceful sleep.

And, for those animals that often cause extensive damage to the yard or property such as moles, armadillos, pocket gophers and skunks, our professional technicians will focus on the Southlake property line and burrows as well as dig some marks around the grass should that be needed. Call us today to bring you some needed peace of mind at your home and your business.