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A complete home exclusion of your Southlake home is necessary if you want to prevent rodents reentering the home after they have been removed. This process entails blocking or sealing off every one of their entry points. While different agencies will claim knowledge of removing rodents from homes, only Omega Animal Removal has Rodent Management Specialists trained enough to be able to identify all entry points. The exercise is tedious and extremely demanding. It requires expert knowledge and understanding of the animals’ behavior and keen, specialized discernment of rodent tendencies. That is why no one but a Rodent Management Specialist with proper training can do the work.

Our team ensures that your roof is completely sealed off and the rats cannot return to your loft again. For us, a home exclusion is our primary concern when we deal with a rodent problem. As such, our rodent control unit conducts a thorough examination of the entire perimeter of your home before commencing the animal removal and relocation.

The special training, understanding and vast comprehension of inherent rat behavior give our exclusion team the upper hand when it comes to home exclusion. The Omega Animal Removal specialists use advanced techniques, which ultimately is what makes us much different and far above any other company involved in rodent control in the Southlake area. We are confident in our work and offer you a lifetime guarantee due to our proper completion of an all-inclusive, full residential exclusion. W have gained unique understanding of what this form of exclusion entails, which our competitors often miss out terribly, and are therefore unable to offer you a guarantee lasting any longer than a year.


When performing a home exclusion, you want the right materials to keep animals out for good—spray foam, isn’t one of those materials. The problem with the spray foam is that rats and mice cannot be fully barred by it. They simply come back and chew the whole material used to seal out the holes they initially used to access your attic. As a result, you will be having the entire rodent community back in your home and the process has to be repeated in its entirety. The typical plugging of the holes using the foam is therefore not a permanent solution, yet unfortunately that is what you will get from many of our competitors in the industry.

Luckily, Omega Animal Removal Company has new innovative methods, and we guarantee a permanent sealing of the holes that will completely guard the animals from reentering your home. We specialize in the use of metal products to carry out our complete home exclusions. The metal-based sealing cannot be compromised in any way by the animals that rely on their gnawing to pierce through materials. So you can be assured of no rats or squirrels, raccoons or opossums after we are done sealing your home from the animals. Our rodent control unit will seal every possible entry point of the rodents using only high-end and impermeable outside sealants. These are materials that last as long as you live and keep you protected from the animals.

Our Rodent Control Specialists know you take pride in your home, which is why we take extra care to preserve its aesthesis when we perform exclusions. We do not settle to compromise the look of your property by ensuring that all the materials used to seal off the rodent entry points are perfectly painted to retain the look and feel of the original exterior

A home exclusion is an absolutely critical step in the animal removal process. When an animal is forced out of its home, it will be determined to return, even after it’s removed. Every Omega Animal Removal exclusion comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Call us today to rid yourselves of pesky critters in your home.