Commercial properties are becoming rife with unwanted visitors, and are in greater and greater need of commercial wildlife control. Omega Animal Removal offers its expertise to apartment complexes, business owners, retail outlets, property management companies and industrial properties in the San Antonio, Texas area. Our highly trained Wildlife Specialists work in tandem with businesses to handle any type of commercial wildlife removal issue.

We live-trap, remove and relocate the animals, then we repair any damages that may have resulted during their occupancy. Afterwards, we set up exclusion barriers to prevent the animals from returning to your property.

We specialize in commercial bird control, bee control, snake removal, and rodent control. Even though these are simply the most common infestations, we can handle any type of wildlife removal you require here in San Antonio. Simply contact one of our specially trained Wildlife Removal Specialists to arrange a consultation and site inspection.


The most common request Omega Animal Removal receives from customers in San Antonio, Texas is commercial bird control. In response to such calls, we have found that “bird spiking” is the most effective treatment. Bird spiking involves mounting rows of anti-roosting spikes, which are slim, sharp spikes of up to a foot long, along ledges, lighting and commercial signage. This limits the area where birds can roost, and discourages them from building nests and raining bird waste on the surfaces below.

We get a lot of calls to remove crows, pigeons, buzzards, and sometimes sparrows. Be aware that some of these birds are on federal protection lists, so do not try to remove them yourself. Instead, call Omega Animal Removal, and one of our trained experts will remove the birds safely and legally, usually by installing bird spikes.

Our bird spiking techniques are state-of-the-art, and our materials are of the highest quality galvanized steel, so they do not deteriorate under weather. The sealants we use are likewise top quality, to ensure the spikes remain mounted in place.

If you need commercial bird control in San Antonio, call Omega Animal Removal for a free quote.


Omega Animal Removal works closely with a number of property management companies in the San Antonio area. We are sensitive to the fact that when you have a wildlife problem, you need it fixed quickly. Our Wildlife Specialist can respond to your call and provide you with advice on how best to solve your issues within 24 hours after you call.

The most common types of nuisance wildlife in and around San Antonio are the following:

  • Rodents – Squirrels, rats, and other rodents are far and away the most common type of commercial wildlife nuisance we face. When a building sits empty waiting for a new tenant, animals tend to find their way inside and take up residence. Since no one is around to hear the scuffling noises, rodents can multiply quickly and damage the property. If you are concerned that you may have a rat infestation in one of your commercial properties, call Omega Animal Removal for a free quote.
  • Bees – Bees are another common complaint by property managers in San Antonio. Since we have warm weather year round, the local bee populations thrive. Moreover, we have encountered several hives of Africanized “killer” bees in the area. Therefore, do not attempt to remove or relocate a hive yourself. Bees, even regular ones, can be extremely dangerous when they swarm. Rather, call one of our Bee Specialists to handle the problem for you. We can send out a specialist the day you call, so that nobody gets hurt or stung.

When people think of wildlife infestations or roof rats, they typically envision rodents nesting in the attic of a single family home. However, apartment complexes make inviting homes for wildlife, as well, and are just as susceptible to a furry invasion. Since apartment complexes often have dozens or hundreds of tenants who need their complaints resolved quickly, you need an animal removal company who can respond in a timely fashion.

Omega Animal Removal can have a licensed Wildlife Specialist on site within 24 hours of your call to perform a detailed building inspection. We will then work in tandem with you and your residents to complete a thorough, timely, and convenient removal.

The CDC notes that wildlife infestations often result in bacteria and fungal spores that can harm humans who inhale the microbes. Therefore, we must clean the urine, feces and debris from the nesting site and decontaminate the area using disinfectant fogging agents.

Be sure to call Omega Animal Removal immediately if you suspect infestation by rats or other rodents. Rodents tend to chew on any material to grind their teeth, which never stop growing. This can lead to damage to your HVAC ductwork, and a compromised HVAC system can transport fungal spores or bacteria from the attic to any apartment in your building.