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Commercial wildlife management is becoming an increasingly needed service here in Dallas, Texas, and Omega Animal Removal is the area’s leading commercial wildlife management company. Our wildlife specialists are the best-trained professionals in the industry and we are fully equipped to handle any commercial wildlife removal job. Omega Animal Removal forms lasting partnerships with apartment complexes, property management groups, industrial properties, retail stores and small business owners to manage and control their nuisance wildlife issues.

Omega Animal Removal will remove and relocate any animal, clean up and repair any damages caused by wildlife, and prevent them from coming back into your commercial building. While commercial rodent, bird, bee and snake control are the most common requests we receive from clients, we’re equipped to handle any commercial wildlife problems you want remedied here in Dallas, Texas. Call us today to solve your wildlife issues.


Here in Dallas, Texas, commercial bird control is the most requested commercial service that Omega Animal Removal provides. We use the latest technologies like bird spiking to control and prevents birds from roosting on and around your building.

Pigeons, crows, buzzards and occasionally sparrows are the most common birds you’ll encounter and want to prevent from hanging around. Some of these birds are federally protected and removal operations should be conducted by one of Omega Animal Removals bird specialists.

Our bird spiking and control programs are the most advanced in the industry and are all backed by Omega’s guarantee.Omega Animal Removal uses only the highest quality galvanized steel bird spikes to ensure that our products do not weather and deteriorate with age. We also use only superior sealants so the spikes stay secure to the building. If you have birds nesting on or near your building, causing a nuisance to your customers in the parking lot or are the culprit of any sort of problem for you, call Omega Animal Removal today to obtain your freequote on commercial bird control.


Omega Animal Removal works with property management groups throughout all of Dallas, Texas. We understand that when your clients have a nuisance animal issue that needs to be solved, it is time sensitive. Our team of wildlife specialists can meet you at the property and go over exactly how we will approach and solve your problem within 24 hours of your call.

  • Rodents: Rodents tend to be the most common residential issue for property management groups in Dallas, Texas. When a home sits in transition waiting for clients to rent it, rodents will frequently find their way into the home’s attic where it is nice and quiet. Without clients in the home to hear the noises in the attic, the animals can quickly multiply and cause a serious infestation before the property manager even knows there is a rodent issue. If you suspect that there may be a rodent issue in one of your properties, call us and we can solve the problem immediately.
  • Bees: Bees are also very common problems that property management groups call us for here in Dallas, Texas. The weather is warm nearly year round and therefore bees are active throughout the seasons. There have been an increasingly common number of Africanized bee hives we’ve come across lately, and you should always use caution when you notice a hive. If you see a beehive in or around one of your properties, call Omega Animal Removal immediately and we can have a Bee Specialist out that very same day to make sure no one is hurt by the hive of bees.

Apartment complexes in Dallas, Texas are just as susceptible to the invasion of wildlife as single-family homes are. If you really think about it, most apartment buildings are just like any other home, and rodents don’t mind inhabiting either. Apartment complexes often have hundreds of residents and infestations need to be handled in a timely fashion to keep occupants satisfied. Omega Animal Removal Denver understands that, and we can have a licensed wildlife specialist out to your property within 24 hours of contacting us. We’ll provide a full inspection of the buildings and work with you to develop the most effective approach to ridding your apartment buildings of any nuisances.

There is also a need to keep your residence safe from the harmful bacteria and fungal spores that can be present in the excrement of animals commonly found in the attic. The CDC notes major health concerns associated with having animals in the attic. Most often, rats and raccoons are the culprits; however, squirrels, opossums and bats can be equally as dangerous. With the HVAC units in apartment buildings being located in the attic and IV therapy all of the AC lines going to every vent starting in the attic, it is imperative to remove any animals and decontaminate the attic in a timely fashion to keep residents safe and healthy.

So whether it is rats, squirrels, bees, snakes or any other animal threatening your residents and apartment buildings, call Omega Animal Removal today to have a wildlife specialist solve your nuisance wildlife problem.