Armadillo Control in Dallas, Texas

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The name armadillo originated as a Spanish word meaning “little armored one.” Their bony plates that cover the entire body make these destructive little animals super recognizable. The armor is made from dermal bone that overlaps in scales. Armadillos are nocturnal and vary in size from about half a foot to five feet long. They have the tendency of rolling into an impenetrable ball when threatened, and are not very resilient to cold weather—a single freeze can kill off entire populations —which is why they thrive in Texas.

In the Dallas, Texas area armadillos tend to burrow either under or beside your home or business building and can cause structural damage by compromising the building’s foundation. The burrows of a single armadillo are typically about 6 feet deep and can get up to 20 feet wide, not to mention the dense network of tunnels they create while foraging for food. They are prolific diggers, spending up to 16 hours a day digging and foraging for ants and termites, their main source of food. All of this movement underground by a single armadillo significantly hollows out the space below your home or office building. They are solitary creatures and do not generally share burrows, which means an infestation could do serious damage in a residential area.

If you have noticed armadillo burrows in the yard of your Dallas, Texas home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Omega Animal Removal. A specialist will evaluate the scope of the issue and institute a plan for removal and exclusion. Our four step process begins with determining how many armadillos may be plaguing the area, and then trapping and transporting all animals far from your property. We then take the proper steps to completely fill in the burrow as other animals including raccoons, opossums, nutria and groundhogs often take advantage of vacant armadillo burrows for their own homing purposes. Finally, we monitor the site to make sure that there are no recurrent problems. Our company guarantees success and maintenance in removing your armadillo problem from your home or business proximity.


Don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal if any of the following signals arise:

  • Shallow holes around your yard or garden, about 1-3 inches in depth and about 3-5 inches wide
  • Sounds of digging in your garden or under your porch at night
  • Proximity to water increases the chance of an armadillo presence as they love water and moist soil for burrowing
  • Sighting of an armadillo typically indicates they have made their burrow nearby as they are homebodies