Omega Animal Removal’s Full Attic Restoration Services in Austin

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There are some situations where a full attic restoration is necessary  to properly remediate the damages incurred during a rodent infestation. Most of the time we see this on homes that were experiencing an infestation for years before it was noticed. In these instances of chronic infestations, the animals also end up destroying the attic insulation, ductwork, wiring, beams and even the drywall. If the infestation was severe enough and irreparable damage occurred in the attic, then our Wildlife Specialist will recommend our full attic restoration service.

Our attic restorations begin by removing all of the existing insulation, debris, nesting sites and excrement from the attic. Our attic restoration team is comprised of fulltime team members that specifically do attic restorations in the aftermath of rodent infestations. When our attic restoration team removes all of the existing insulation and contaminants from your attic, they will have your attic completely bare. Unlike nearly all other companies in this industry, our team will leave no scraps, trash or debris in your attic during the removal. We take pride in our dedication to thoroughly cleaning out the attic to ensure it is completely bare and clean. After the removal, our team will inspect your entire attic for any damage to your home’s electrical and HVAC systems and will alert you to anything that they may find.

After thoroughly inspecting your attic for any damage caused during the infestation, our attic restoration team will then do an airflow spot sealing throughout the entire attic-space. We provide this service at no cost to all of our attic restoration clients. An airflow spot sealing is where our team will apply insulating foam to any major gaps on the attic floor. These are areas such as: gaps where the air duct registers connect to the drywall, gaps where pipes run through the drywall, large gaps in the drywall, holes that wires run though and other miscellaneous gaps more than about 1-2” in diameter. It has been shown that when an airflow spot sealing is done properly, there is generally a 10-30% increase in energy efficiency. As a homeowner, you will most likely never have your attic insulation out more than once so we want to ensure that since it is out, you are able to reap every possible decontamination and energy-efficiency benefit that we can provide for you.

Once our team finishes the airflow spot sealing, they will then begin our attic decontamination fogging treatment. Our fogging treatment is designed to breakdown any and all bacteria, fungal spores, viral spores and microbial spores and will also eliminate all pheromones, odors and biological marker residue left behind from the previous infestation. Not only does this ensure that your attic is properly disinfected to improve air quality, it also ensures that outside rodent populations will be less inclined to cause damage to the exterior of the home and/or attempt to regain entry back into your attic. Additionally, our fogging treatment will kill any flea, mite, parasite and roach populations that may currently exist in your attic.

After fogging the bare attic, our attic restoration team will then reinstall brand new Knauf Jetstream Ultra wool blanket blown-in fiberglass insulation to a minimum of an R-38 value. The EPA recommends having your insulation at a R-38 or higher rating to achieve any real thermal insulator benefits. In the great state of Texas, we experience such an extremely wide range of temperatures that your home should be as insulated as possible. Due to this dramatically shifting Texas climate, we will not install our insulation to anything less than an R-38 value. However, at the client’s request, we will always install more.

We will never use any type of cellulose insulation or tell you that boric acid is a rodent repellent. In fact, many nationally recognized institutions have studies proving that boric acid has no dermal effects on rodents. The truth is, boric acid is commercially used as an insecticide and pesticide. However, in the case of cellulose insulation, it is actually used as a fire retardant due to the fact that cellulose insulation is comprised of nothing but recycled paper. Since cellulose insulation is just recycled paper, it breaks down over time and you must continually add insulation every few years to keep your insulation levels at the right height.  The products that we use are eco-friendly and comprised of approximately 40-70% recycled glass bottles. Since the insulation we use is made of actual glass-fibers, it is non-combustible, non-corrosive, non-absorbent and it will never deteriorate over time. Our high quality attic insulation will remain at the proper R-value forever and will ensure that your attic constantly remains at its peak energy efficiency. This will reduce your energy bills and keep more of your hard earned money in your wallet. Another majorly overlooked benefit of our products is their impact on air quality. Unlike cellulose insulation, our products will never breakdown and create dust, dander or allergens and it will never mold, mildew or allow any type of fungus to grow in your attic. The bottom line is that we only use the highest quality products available on the market to ensure that your attic reaches its maximum energy efficiency potential and your home’s air-quality is optimal for you and your family.