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Anytime animals have turned your home’s attic into their shelter, nesting site and breeding ground it is absolutely critical to have your attic professionally decontaminated. There are many different types of nuisance wildlife that will invade attic spaces, and each of them presents their own problems with damage and contamination. The one thing that any type of attic animal infestation has in common is that there will always be feces, urine, trash/debris, nesting materials, bacteria and pheromones left behind by the animals after their removal.

This can have serious implications on the health of your home, attic, family and pets if Omega Animal Removal does not address the issue. As the nation’s fastest growing rodent control and wildlife removal firm in the nation, we take this part of our process very seriously and use the most advanced attic decontamination service practices in the industry.

Our baseline attic decontamination procedure starts with our attic treatment and attic cleansing service. This is where our crew of Attic Decontamination Specialists will remove any nesting sites, trash/debris and latrines throughout your attic’s contaminated insulation. Then, Omega Animal Removal’s Attic Decontamination Specialist will use a HEPA filter shop vacuum to remove any rodent or animal feces from the hard surfaces of your attic. These areas typically include: attic decking, HVAC handler and storage areas.

Once these steps have been completed our Attic Decontamination Specialists will then treat the entire attic space with our state-of-the-art three phase attic fogging treatment. This three-phase attic decontamination fogging treatment is specifically designed to:

Eliminate any harmful effects of the feces and urine breaking down.

Eliminate the foul odors emitted by the urine and feces in your attic, as well as breakdown and purge your attic of the pheromones that attract the animal(s) back to your home.

Eradicate any fleas, mites and insects that the animals may have carried into your attic. The pests will then begin living in your attic insulation and can cause a whole new set problems that we want to be sure to prevent.

In extreme cases of attic contamination caused by rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums and other nuisance wildlife, the removal of all existing and contaminated insulation is necessary before completing our 3-phase attic fogging treatment. In these occurrences, Omega Animal Removal’s Specialist will provide a detailed breakdown of the exact reasons why insulation replacement is necessary. At Omega Animal Removal, we don’t do mediocre. We strive to create a healthy environment for your home, family and pets and will make sure that your attic decontamination needs are tailor-made to suit the authentic level of decontamination your attic needs.

In the event that all of your attic insulation must be removed to ensure proper attic decontamination, Omega Animal Removal will also use our 3-phase fogging treatment to thoroughly cleanse and decontaminate your home’s bare attic space and then blow-in all new fiberglass insulation into your attic. Once the insulation has been re-installed, our Specialist will then treat the top layer of new insulation with our secret 100% organic rodent barrier. This allows us to ensure that no other rats or wildlife could even consider trying to nest in your brand new attic space.










Roof Rat Infestations and Norway Rat Infestations and Their Impact On Your Attic and Attic Insulation

Rat infestations are the most common type of wildlife issues that contaminate and destroy attics. When rats find their way into your attic, they begin to proliferate, further expanding their colony. This causes astonishing levels of contamination to your attic in many different ways. While the majority of the contamination takes place throughout your attic insulation, the contamination can easily spread into other areas such as your ductwork, beams, decking and drywall.

The first major contamination issue associated with a rat infestation is the overwhelming quantity of urine and feces that the rats scatter throughout your attic. As rats travel through your attic insulation, as well as into and out of your attic, they urinate and defecate constantly, leaving behind pheromone trails for other rats to pick up on and follow. These rodent pheromone trails provide the rats with safe, established paths to use both inside of your attic insulation, as well as outside your home. Once the rats have their trails and tunnels established in your attic, the urine and feces will begin to soak into your attic insulation, ductwork, drywall and even your beams. In a matter of a few weeks, rats can make your attic insulation hazardous enough to cause illness from direct or indirect contact.

The second concern stemming from rat infestations is the amount of trash, dander, fleas and mites that the rats bring into your attic while nesting and breeding. Rats will often times find manmade materials from your trash, outdoor furniture and yard to bring into your attic for fortifying their nesting sites. The main concern with this doesn’t have as much to do with the materials that the rats bring into your attic, as it does with the fleas, mites and insects that the rats carry into your attic insulation. When these pests are brought into your home’s attic insulation by the rats, it can pose serious health concerns amongst yourself, your family and your pets.

Our Attic Decontamination Specialists meticulously and systematically decontaminate your attic to ensure a healthy environment for you, your family and your pets.

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Squirrel Infestations and Their Impact On Your Attic and Your Attic Insulation

When squirrels decide to invade your attic and begin nesting, it is a much different situation than when dealing with a rat infestation in your attic. Squirrels, overall, tend to be cleaner rodents when it comes to their living conditions. Squirrel infestations are not identified by feces scattered throughout your entire attic or inside of the trails throughout your insulation. Instead, squirrel infestations are easily identified by a latrine, typically in the corners of the attic. Squirrels use these latrines throughout the duration of nesting and breeding in your attic. Squirrel latrines are generally seen in different locations than where the squirrels actually nesting.

Therefore, in terms of urine and feces throughout your attic, squirrel infestations in attics are not nearly as detrimental to your attic insulation as a rat infestation can be. When dealing with squirrels in your attic, there are three primary concerning issues when it comes to attic insulation contamination and overall attic damage.

The first concern from having squirrels in your attic arises from the heavily concentrated amounts of urine and feces that are found in their latrines. The attic insulation in those specific areas can become so saturated with urine and feces, that the excrement will begin to seep onto the drywall and occasionally become so bad that it will soak into the drywall and cause visible stains from inside the home. This leads to potent urine odors that can be smelled inside the home, and also weakens the drywall in those particular areas.

The second area of concern after eliminating squirrels from your attic is the pheromones that the squirrels leave behind in their nesting sites, breeding sites and latrines. If these pheromones are not removed from the attic and the latrines properly decontaminated, then other colonies of squirrels will pick up on those pheromone scents and try to chew their way back into your attic. The pheromones must be completely eliminated to ensure that the squirrel infestation is permanently resolved.

The third and most critical concern after eliminating squirrels from your attic is inspecting all of the electrical wiring that runs throughout your attic. Squirrels are very notorious for chewing electrical wires down to the bare copper and creating extreme fire hazards. Our Squirrel Removal Specialists have even seen squirrels chew directly through 220v wiring in attics. This is something that should be taken very seriously.


Raccoon Infestations and Their Impact On Your Attic and Your Attic Insulation

When you have raccoons in your attic, you know it. Generally, you know it immediately by the incredibly loud thumping sounds, scratching or even growling. They typically cause extensive damage to your attic insulation, your HVAC ductwork, wiring and drywall. The Center for Disease Control also recognizes raccoon excrement as a health hazard to you, your family and your pets. There have also been confirmed cases of death in humans whom have inhaled the potentially deadly spores released from the raccoon’s urine and feces as it breaks downs over time.

Due to the health concerns issued by the CDC regarding raccoon urine and feces, the only way that Omega Animal Removal will decontaminate your attic after eliminating a raccoon infestation is by completing a full attic restoration. Our Attic Decontamination Specialists have no other options to try and properly decontaminate your attic. Raccoons, like squirrels, leave latrines in the attic and enormous piles of feces in multiple areas. This is also where the raccoons will urinate in these same areas and essentially cause their excrement to “cake” into the insulation. This, coupled with the damage to the HVAC ductwork that is typically associated with raccoons in the attic, only leaves our Attic Decontamination Specialists with the options of removing all of the existing insulation, feces, debris and urine from your attic to ensure the health of you, your family and your pets.

After our Attic Decontamination Specialist has removed all of the contaminated insulation, they will complete our 3-phase attic fogging treatment and then blow in brand new Knauf Jet Stream Ultra insulation to an r-38 value. Jet Stream Ultra is the highest quality blown-in fiberglass insulation on the market and will generally help you save anywhere between 10-30% on your monthly energy bills once we have finished installing it in your attic. You generally should not have to replace your attic insulation more than once while living in your home. So when that time does come, we want to maximize the opportunity to help you regain the money you spent to resolve your raccoon infestation. Once the new insulation is installed our Raccoon Removal Specialist will return and treat the new insulation with a completely organic raccoon deterrent barrier to ensure your attic is brand new and never to be infested again.


Phase 1

This first phase of Omega Animal Removal’s attic fogging treatment is done using a five-series anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal disinfectant. The purpose of this fogging treatment is to eliminate all of the bacterial, viral, microbial and fungal spores that are released into the air as the feces and urine begin to breakdown. Generally after a rat infestation in your attic, or wildlife infestation in your attic, there will be tears and rips in your HVAC ductwork from where the rats, squirrels and raccoons had been running across it. This phase of our fogging treatment allows us to ensure that any of the negative effects of the excrement breaking down will be neutralized and therefore not seeping into your homes air conditioning system.

Phase 2

The second phase of our attic fogging treatment is a specifically designed vector treatment to eliminate any and all pheromones left behind by the animals. This phase also includes an odor elimination treatment to help aid in the removal of the pheromones from the insulation. In addition to assisting in the elimination of the pheromones, our odor treatment will ensure that any unpleasant “animal” odors are alleviated from the attic or attic insulation. Our Attic Decontamination Specialists will ensure that your attic is left odorless and pheromone free after using our using our specialized odor and pheromone elimination attic fogging treatment.

Phase 3

The third and final phase of our attic fogging treatment is used to target fleas, mites, roaches or any other pests that rats, squirrels, raccoons or opossums bring into your attic during an infestation. This is an often-overlooked side of attic decontamination, however, it is an imperative one. Rats and opossums are known for causing flea infestations in homes and are notorious for giving them to your pets as they come in contact with them outside. Most of the insects never find their way into your home, but here at Omega Animal Removal, we want to ensure that you, your family, your pets and your home are safe and healthy. It is what we pride ourselves on, and why Omega Animal Removal is the nation’s leading attic decontamination firm when it comes to rat, squirrel, raccoon and opossum infestations.

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