Groundhogs are similar to prairie dogs and pocket gophers however they are bit larger and tend to be much more destructive to Dallas, Texas homes and businesses as opposed to only Dallas, Texas lawns and properties. Groundhogs in the Dallas, Texas area tend to not only burrow in yards and around properties like prairie dogs and pocket gophers; they tend to chew on Dallas, Texas back patios and decks as well. Groundhogs are extremely destructive and can wreak havoc on your Dallas, Texas home or business. Call Omega Animal Removal today and have one of our wildlife specialists come out and provide a full inspection and determine the proper solution to your Dallas, Texas nuisance groundhog problems today!

groundhog coming out of its burrow


  • Groundhogs are the largest member of the squirrel family.
  • Ground hogs burrow all winter and only come out again in spring and summer.
  • During the spring and summer the groundhogs will actually gorge themselves on people‚Äôs gardens and shrubs alike and can cause extensive damage to your property.
  • Groundhogs can dig out up to 700 lbs of soil and make burrows that can be as large as 30feet by 30 feet.
  • Groundhogs whistle when in threatened to alert all other groundhogs in the area about the threat.
  • Groundhogs have amazing hearing and eyesight and have a passion for fruits and luscious vegetables.
groundhog on a persons porch