Rat Traps

The best way to trap rats is to use a combination of the following tips:

  • Choose the right trap. There are two main types of rat traps: snap traps and glue traps. Snap traps are more effective at killing rats, but glue traps can be useful for catching live rats if you prefer to release them outdoors.
  • Use the right bait. Rats are attracted to strong-smelling foods, such as peanut butter, bacon, cheese, and fish. You can also use pet food or cereal as bait.
  • Place the traps in the right places. Rats like to travel along walls and edges, so place the traps along these areas. You can also place traps in areas where you have seen rat droppings or other signs of activity.
  • Set the traps correctly. Be sure to follow the instructions on the trap label to set it correctly. If you are using a snap trap, make sure that the bait is securely fastened to the trigger.
  • Check the traps regularly. Check the traps at least once a day to see if you have caught any rats. If you have, dispose of the rat properly and reset the trap.

Here are some additional tips for trapping rats:

  • Use multiple traps. The more traps you set, the more likely you are to catch a rat.
  • Use a variety of baits. Rats can be picky eaters, so try using a variety of baits to see what they prefer.
  • Pre-bait the traps. A few days before you set the traps, place a small amount of bait on the trigger plate. This will help the rats to become comfortable with the traps and make them more likely to take the bait.
  • Disguise the traps. Rats are suspicious creatures, so try to disguise the traps as much as possible. You can do this by placing them under furniture or in boxes.
  • Be patient. It may take some time to catch a rat, so be patient and don’t give up.

If you are having trouble trapping rats, contact the rat removal specialists at Omega Animal Removal.