Safe Bee Removal Techniques Professionals Use 

There are a number of safe bee removal techniques that professionals use. Some of the most common methods include:

  • Smoke: Bees are sensitive to smoke, so smoking them out of their hive can be a safe way to remove them. This method is best for honey bees, as it will not harm the honey.
  • Relocate: If the hive is in a safe location, you may be able to relocate the bees to a new home. This is a good option if you are not allergic to bees and you want to help the bees survive.
  • Evacuate: If the hive is in a dangerous location, such as inside a wall or under a deck, the bees may need to be evacuated. This involves using a vacuum to suck the bees out of the hive and then transferring them to a new hive.
  • Destroy: If the hive is in a location where it cannot be relocated or evacuated, it may need to be destroyed. This is usually done by using a pesticide to kill the bees and then removing the hive.
  • Professional bee removal companies will use the most appropriate method for the specific situation. They will also take steps to protect the public and the environment. For example, they will use non-toxic pesticides if possible and they will dispose of the hive properly.

Here are some additional tips for safely removing bees by professionals:

  • Wear protective gear: Always wear protective gear, such as gloves, a hat, and a veil, when removing bees. This will help to protect you from stings.
  • Do it at night: Bees are less active at night, so it is a safer time to remove them.
  • Be patient: It may take some time to remove the bees, so be patient and don’t rush.

If you have a bee problem, it is important to call a professional bee removal company. They will have the experience and equipment to remove the bees safely and effectively.