What to Do if You Find a Snake in Your Home

No matter your feelings about snakes, chances are you don’t want to find a snake in your home. If you do happen to find a snake in your home in San Antonio, the first thing you will want to do is call a pest control company for snake removal. But while you are waiting for them to arrive, keep these tips in mind.

Leave the Snake Alone

Most snakes are not poisonous or dangerous, but there is still a risk that the snake in your home could potentially be dangerous. To avoid risk, don’t try to catch the snake on your own. Instead, leave it alone and wait for professionals for snake removal in Austin. Snakes of any kind don’t often attack unless provoked, so leaving the snake alone while you wait for help is your best option.

Contain the Snake

While it is not advisable to attempt to mess with a snake, it can be helpful for the snake removal team in San Antonio if the snake is contained in a smaller space. For instance, close the door to the room that the snake was found in or block off points of escape that could allow the snake to get away and hide. Keep the snake contained in corners or areas of a room so that they are easy to locate and remove once the pest control experts arrive. If possible, snakes can be trapped under buckets or trash cans, but keep in mind that it’s best to leave the snakes alone as much as possible.

Attempt to Identify the Snake

It could be helpful for the snake removal team to know ahead of time what kind of snake has been found within the home. Dealing with a venomous snake will be different than removing a non-venomous snake from an Austin home. Additionally, snake removal experts will want to make sure that this snake is the only one in the home and that there isn’t a nest somewhere nearby that could lead to more within the home. If a snake is found outside the home and it is identified as a non-venomous snake, then that snake could be left alone to wander off, and chances are it will never be seen again. However, if the snake is identified as a venomous snake, you will want to keep an eye on the snake until a snake removal team arrives to be sure it is removed from the property.

It can be unsettling to find a snake in your San Antonio or Austin home but don’t panic.

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