The Difference Between a Mouse, Rat, and Rodent

Sometimes, the words mouse and rat are used interchangeably, but in reality, while there are some similarities, there are many differences between the two. 

Recognizing the difference between the two can be beneficial for rodent control. Let’s further explore the similarities between the two.


One of the main similarities between mice and rats is that they are both considered rodents and fall under the Rodentia category. Rodents have incisors that don’t stop growing; thus, these animals are known to chew to keep their incisors shorter. While they are of the same order, rodentia, and family, muridae, they are of a different genus. Rats fall under the rattus genus, and mice fall under the mus genus. However, they do both often have the same needs that can lead them to find shelter in unwanted places such as your Dallas home. They both need shelter where there is warmth and food readily available. They are both nocturnal and can be heard skittering about during the nighttime hours. 

When these rodents have taken up residence in your homes and can be heard when you are trying to sleep, that is a sure sign that it’s time to call upon Dallas rodent removal experts.


The similarities are there, but the differences between rats and mice are many and allow them to be identified easily as one or the other. For one, rats are usually larger and closer to the size of guinea pigs with a pointy face. Mice are smaller and rounder in the face. Additionally, rats have a more flexible diet than mice, who are pickier but require more water to survive. Rats tend to chew their food in circles and will often leave behind evidence in the shape and size of a quarter. Mice, on the other hand, leave behind holes and circles in objects more the size of a dime. 

But no matter the differences, both rodents are pests that can cause damage to homes. For this reason, trust your local Dallas rodent removal experts with any issues you’re having.

If you suspect rats or mice have taken up residence in your Dallas home, contact us at Omega Animal Control for rodent removal services. Our rodent control experts can identify what rodent is lingering around your home and provide trusted services for removal that give you peace of mind that rats or mice will stay away for good.