At Omega Animal Removal, we proudly serve the Dallas and Houston areas to provide highly-rated wildlife infestation removal and restoration services. We pride ourselves on quality customer service experiences that serve Texans and families and offer a no-catch Lifetime Guarantee on our services. At Omega Animal Removal, we address concerns such as rodent control from a holistic perspective of understanding the various types of common wildlife involved in infestations, their behavior and habits, and how they can infiltrate and affect both residential and commercial properties. Our expert animal removal technicians at Omega Animal Removal are dedicated to providing honesty, professionalism and quality customer service to all our clients.

Services Omega Animal Removal Provides

We provide a range of services in rodent control, squirrel and raccoon removal, and also restoration services to Dallas, Houston, and surrounding areas. At Omega Animal Removal, we recognize the importance of providing a permanent solution to wildlife infestations so we get to the root of the problem. We identify areas of the home where entry points may need sealing off, and we decontaminate attic spaces. Additionally, Omega Animal Removal is dedicated to our clients’ health and safety, so we do not use pesticides and harmful chemicals in our services. We strive to provide long-term solutions without negatively impacting the health of our clients, so we have identified and only use all-natural wildlife deterrents and repellents so you and your family are safe. In addition to addressing general wildlife concerns, we have developed a team of specialists to address Rodent Control at Omega Animal Removal.

Our Four-Step Rodent Control Process

Our Rodent Control specialists are aware of concerns specifically related to rodents and rat removal to avoid health concerns and damage to your home. Our specialists make up an expert team to address rodent control and rat removal so we address not only current infestations in your home but also establish preventative measures so these infestations no longer occur. We offer a four-step rodent control process and offer a lifetime guarantee for these services. Our rodent control specialists discuss your areas of concern, thoroughly inspect the area for evidence, and develop a comprehensive plan to address your specific needs. Our rodent control specialists begin with trapping the rodents, seal up all possible entry points, decontaminate and restore the previously infested area, and implement a long-term population control strategy.