What to Do If You Find a Snake

While snakes may be common in the Dallas area, it can be jarring to see one in or near your home. Before you call for snake removal, you may want to take proactive steps to ensure your home is safe and the snake cannot enter your home. Follow the steps below to safely manage a snake near your Dallas home.

At First Sight

Your reaction to seeing a snake may be to run, scream, or jump away, but this is not the best way to handle the situation. In most cases, the snake is just as scared of you as you are of them. Snakes do not set out to attack or kill you but may react in defense if the situation is escalated. In searching for shelter, they likely ended up in the wrong place. Instead of panicking, stay calm, note where you see the snake located, and move slowly away.

Identifying the Snake

You will want to understand quickly whether the snake is venomous or nonvenomous and there are several simple ways to make this determination. A venomous snake is likely to have a lot of patterns along its body and a large, triangle-shaped head. Nonvenomous snakes can have similar appearances, but the key is their eyes, which will always be circle-shaped. A venomous snake will have eyes that are more oval-shaped. If you can make this distinction, it will be very helpful in guiding what kind of snake removal you may need. Dallas has a lot of snakes in both categories, so either is possible.

Take Caution

While you should be calm around a snake, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when you know a snake is near. You’ll want to quickly call someone who offers professional snake removal, especially if the snake is venomous and requires special handling. Try to avoid the area where you found the snake until it is cleared and keep an eye out for other snakes.

Where Was the Snake Found?

The location of the snake affects the way you will want to handle it. If a nonvenomous snake is outside, you can safely leave it alone and allow it to move along. When it’s in the home, a broom is effective to sweep it out of the house or into a bucket. However, a venomous snake requires professional snake removal. In Dallas, you can trust Omega Animal Removal for safe and professional pest control.