3 Reasons Rats Are Attracted to Your Home

The winter time may be an unexpected rest from rat problems because rats do not breed during winter. But that doesn’t mean your rat control problem has gone away for good. Rats will seek shelter in warm Dallas attics or in places that provide many food sources, especially in the fall and winter as they prepare for the cold to set in. Then, when spring does come, it could be rat central in your home. Here are several reasons why rats may be attracted to your house.


Junk Piles

We all know what junk accumulates. But what junk in and around the home could mean is that you are providing a perfect place for rats to take shelter. Rats like to build burrows underground. A pile of junk around the yard could make a great place to build these burrows. Removing junk piles will take away a rat’s means for shelter, hopefully leaving you will less of a rat control problem to worry about in Dallas.


Pet Food

Your pets need to eat. However, pet food is an attraction for rats as well. If your pet doesn’t finish all their food at once, but instead, leaves it for later, it’s best that you always clean up the leftover food before dark. After your pet has eaten, clean up any remnants left behind. Rats will wait until no one is looking and then swipe in and steal left out pet food that isn’t sealed or stored properly.


BBQ Grill

The grill on your Dallas patio may be the last thing you would think a rat would be attracted to. But remember, rats are resourceful and look for food wherever they can. Leftover chunks of meat could make a good meal for a rat. If you grill often, rats may begin to make it a habit to visit your house each night searching for leftovers from the grill. For this reason, be sure to clean your grill after each use to discourage rats from making your house a permanent visit place.


Rats can destroy homes. They will make messes, chew wires, and can carry diseases. If rats have found refuge in your Dallas home, it’s time to tell them to leave. A Dallas rat control company can find rat nests, remove these unwanted pests, and ensure that rats don’t come back to stay. For a rat control company you can trust, contact us at Omega Animal Removal.

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