The 2 Big Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Rat Removal

If you suspect or have confirmed rats or rodents in your home, you need to act fast. Give Omega Animal Removal a call and our rodent control and rat removal specialists will be out to your Dallas home fast to get the problem under control and resolved as quickly as possible.

But what if you need to delay the rodent control appointment? Maybe you’re going out of town or money is tight or you have a big event coming up? It shouldn’t be a big deal to put off rat removal for a few days, right?

We’re sorry to tell you, but you should absolutely not delay or put off rat removal or rodent control, even if you feel like your reason is totally legitimate. We get that life happens and you never expect to have to fix a rodent control problem in Dallas, but delaying your rat removal can cause a number of problems.

Rodents Multiply—Fast

You may have only seen one rat, or you may not even be completely sure there are rats in your Dallas home. If you suspect even one tiny mouse or rodent, you need to call in the experts. Rodents are sneaky and quiet, and even though you may think there is only one, there could be a whole nest or colony of them hidden somewhere. And if you’re lucky enough to have a rat that hasn’t multiplied and creating a huge nest of offspring, trust that it’s only a matter of time. Dallas rodent control problems can quickly go from very minor to very severe quite quickly, so it’s best to get an expert in right away.

Damage Worsens

The damage may be minuscule when you discover your rodent control issue, but if you delay rat removal, the damage will certainly get worse. It will not only be more mess to clean up and pay for, but it can get very serious. Rats can damage furniture, insulation, and wiring, causing fires and extensive repairs. They can also carry bugs like fleas, ticks, and mites, and they can contaminate food and bring about disease.

If you need rat removal in Dallas, you need Omega Animal Removal. Not only will we remove the rats from your home, but we’ll repair the damage and restore your home, and we’ll take precautions to keep future rodent infestations away. If you are in need of rodent control or rat removal in Dallas, trust the experts at Omega.