Summer Squirrel Removal Service

A large part of squirrel removal services is removing squirrels after they have made your home their home. But ultimately, the goal is prevention. Summertime is one of the best times to squirrel proof your home as squirrels are spending more time outdoors and less time seeking shelter. Dallas summer squirrel removal services can go a long way in keeping squirrels out this fall and winter.


Squirrel Behavior

In the summer, squirrels can be found scurrying about, gathering nuts, building nests, or scampering with other squirrels. Most of their time is spent outdoors. But as the days get hotter, squirrels look for cool places to take shelter. One of these places may be inside your Dallas home. Should a squirrel decide your home is the best place to stay cool, squirrel removal services may be required.


Squirrel Nests

During the summer, squirrels often build nests in tree cavities. They may also use leaves and branches to build a nest. Most of the time, squirrel nests are small and hard to spot. However, if adequate nesting places can’t be found, or if the cold of winter sets in early, squirrels may seek to nest in places in your home such as the attic. With squirrel removal services in Dallas, you can make sure squirrels stay outside to nest this summer.


Squirrel Exclusion

As you begin to think ahead to the colder fall and winter months, use the nice weather of summertime to do what you can to exclude squirrels from your home this winter. Sunny days make it easier to spot holes in the attic or placed near the roof where squirrels could find easy access. It is also a great opportunity to check for weak wood or siding that could make for an easy squirrel entry point. Squirrel removal services in Dallas can also include a proper inspection of your home to look for weak points and correct the problem areas before a squirrel can get into your home.


Do you have concerns about possible squirrel infestations? Or do you simply want to be proactive in keeping squirrels out for good all year round? If so, Omega Animal Removal of Dallas offers squirrel removal services that can do just that. Contact us today for more information about our Dallas squirrel removal or prevention options. We can help keep your family safe from wild animal instructions, including squirrels.