Do you wake up to the sound of scratching or chirping in the middle of the night coming from the ceiling above you? If so, you may have rats in your attic. This can obviously be a scary and frustrating experience, and the team at Omega Animal Removal has the professional skills and abilities to remove rats & rodents from your home and seal it up tight so you don’t have to worry about another infestation in the future. It is important to find rodent control specialists who know how to provide long-term, permanent solutions to eradicating rats & rodents from your home.


Omega Animal Removal provides rodent and rat removal services to Dallas, Houston, and Austin areas and is widely known and respected in Texas. Omega Animal Removal even offers a lifetime guarantee after services that rats & rodents will never find their way back into your home. Rodent removal in Dallas is a specialty at Omega Animal Removal and the rodent control specialists have a thorough knowledge and understanding of rats & rodent behavior and how to effectively remove and protect your home.


The team at Omega Animal Removal created a Rodent Control Division to address the needs of the Dallas community and offer a team of dedicated, highly experienced professionals to provide rodent control. Whether you are dealing with one or two rats in the attic or a full infestation, the team is competent and qualified to provide rat & rodent removal and control so you can be in your home without worrying what’s on the other side of the wall.


The four-step rodent control process developed by Omega Animal Removal is what allows for the lifetime guarantee because it covers both controlling the rat & rodents population as well as protecting the home from future invasions. The first step is to trap and remove the rats & rodents from the home. The second step is to seal all entry points to the home, including both existing spots as well as possible future entry points. The third step involves decontaminating and restoring the attic, including removing any insulation affected by the rats and identifying any damage to ductwork or electrical wires. The fourth and final step involves population control around your home.

You can trust Omega Animal Removal to provide guaranteed services in removing rats & rodents from your Dallas home and know that you are saving money in the future by trusting their Rodent Control Process to ensure no infestations in the future.