Most Common Rodents That Get into Dallas Homes

Some people think it’s crazy to own any type of rodent as a pet, while others think they’re adorable cuddly creatures who make excellent furry friends. However, just about everyone agrees that having a wild rodent in your home is not acceptable or enjoyable in every way. From creating fire hazards by chewing electrical cords to leaving droppings in far too many places, it’s an easily-agreed upon consensus that wild rodents belong outdoors.

Here at Omega Animal Removal, we’ve seen some of the wildest creatures inside Dallas homes. But the bulk of our rodent removal services covers a few common animals that seem to be pretty adept at making their way into the homes of our local friends and neighbors.

House Mouse

Aptly named, the house mouse is known for its ability to get into Dallas homes. Although they’re between 5 and 7 inches long, they’re able to squish their tiny selves through a hole barely the size of a dime, which leaves little wondering as to how they so easily get into houses. If you see a mouse in your home, you’ll know it’s a house mouse by its black beady eyes, thin tail, white belly, and pointed nose.

Deer Mouse

Most commonly found near farms or in barns or sheds, deer mice are another commonly spotted animal that require rodent removal in Dallas. Brown in color with a yellowish-brown belly, deer mice are between 5 and 8 inches long and can also squeeze through tiny holes like the house mouse.

Norway Rat

If you have seen any rats anywhere in Dallas, you’ve likely seen a Norway rat. These guys like to burrow and sneak around amongst ground clutter, such as pallets, woodpiles, and so on. These are the smaller of the commonly spotted rats in Texas, coming in at between 7 and 9.5 inches long, with long thick tails, small ears, rounded nose, and black beady eyes.

Roof Rat

Although known for their ability to climb, roof rats are commonly found anywhere with food. They travel in groups and look similar to the Norway rat, only bigger. Measuring at up to 16 inches long, these guys are primarily brown and black with a gray or white belly.

If you’ve seen any of these animals near your home, you need Dallas rodent removal as soon as possible. These mice and rats can wreak havoc in and around your house, so get in touch with Omega Animal Removal today to schedule your rodent removal service.




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