There are some instances when it can be easier to remove pests all on your own. Smaller animals such as ants can be quick and easy to remove from the home. But sometimes, rodent removal requires the help of a Dallas professional. Snakes can and will find a way into the home, especially into dark, damp spaces or spaces with mice that can provide them with a food source. When you encounter a snake in your home, there could be more. Here are three reasons why hiring a professional for snake removal in Dallas is the best idea.


Searching about snakes and snake removal online doesn’t always give the most updated and accurate information. Trained professionals have the experience to remove snakes quickly and safely from homes. These experts can both identify the type of snake and handle the snakes that live in your areas so they can be properly removed once and for all.


Sometimes, where there’s one animal, there’s another one close by. When the weather gets colder, snakes like to seek shelter. That shelter could be in or around your home, such as in garages, pet areas, wood, compost piles, tall grasses, or other dark, hidden spaces. Because they are small and flexible, snakes can fit in even the smallest of holes, cracked, or hidden places to get inside your house. If you suspect snake infestation, leave the removal process to those more equipped to handle snake removal in Dallas. Relying on the experts not only gives you peace of mind that a snake infestation has been removed from your home, but it can also keep you safe and help avoid unnecessary risks that come from trying to handle snakes yourself, especially if you don’t know what type of snake you are dealing with. Our team of experts will properly survey the home to remove snakes and prevent future infestations.


Snakes can be venomous or nonvenomous. Either way, they can be a safety risk for your family and your pets. When you attempt snake removal, there is a good chance the snake will try to bite to defend itself. Depending on the species of snake, a snake bite could cause a wide range of symptoms, from mild to deadly diseases. Venomous bites, of course, can be very dangerous and warrant a trip to the emergency room. Even nonvenomous bites can be painful. Let a Dallas snake removal expert take care of the removal process to protect you and your family from any unwanted harm that could occur from a snake bite. The professionals are better equipped with proper pest control techniques to trap and remove these pests from homes.

If you have snakes in or around your home, contact Omega Animal Control. Our experts will be sure to remove snakes once and for all from your Dallas home.

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