Most people don’t spend their days researching types of rat species online, but if you’re here reading this, we suspect you have a rat problem at your Dallas home. First and foremost, get on the phone and schedule an inspection with Omega Animal Removal. Our experts are trained and highly experienced in identifying different types of rodents that are common in Dallas. Second, read on to get a better idea of these pesky critters and what you can do to dissuade them from coming in and around your home.

Identifying Roof Rats

The first step to determining if you have a roof rat problem is identifying the rodents. Roof rats are primarily brown but may have some black fur intermixed. Their fur is usually soft, and their bellies are generally white, gray, or black. They are usually about 16” long, including the tail, and they are long and thin with a scaly tail. They have a pointy nose, large ears, and big eyes.

Signs of a Roof Rat Infestation

Simply seeing one of these creatures is your first sign that there’s a problem. Whether it’s dead or alive, spotting a roof rat is cause for a call to the professionals. If you see droppings, that’s also a sign of a problem. Old droppings are going to be hard and dried, whereas new, fresh droppings will be soft and moist. Roof rat droppings are usually about half an inch in size and they typically have pointed ends. Finding chew marks on furniture, parts of your home, or electrical wires is another sign that something is amiss. Noises in the walls or attic are also indicative of a roof rat problem.


Although their name suggests that they tend to stay in or on roofs, roof rats are actually found in a number of places around homes. Their name more so refers to their ability to climb well. They will generally live anywhere there is food, as they are ravenous eaters who are not the least bit picky. However, their favorite foods include seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, slugs, snails, and some bugs. They tend to hoard food and prefer to eat at dusk and dawn, but they will also forage during the day and night if need be.

If you suspect a roof rat infestation or think you have an issue with another rodent in or around your home, get in touch with the pros at Omega Animal Removal in Dallas.