5 Myths About Rodent Control Debunked

Discovering that you have a rodent problem in your home is not a fun feeling. It can leave you wondering what can be done to correct the problem. While your first instinct might be to tackle the problem yourself, there are some myths about rodent control that simply aren’t true.

Rodents Can Be Removed With Homemade Bait

Homeowners may try to look on the internet at homemade bait options to eliminate rodents from the home. But the truth is, some chemicals in rodent bait are harmful to humans and should be avoided. It’s never a good idea to make your own bait as you are only putting yourself and others in the home at risk. Instead, rely on the professional services of Omega Animal Control, experts in rodent control in Dallas, TX.

Rodents Only Chew

Chew marks on walls or wires could be an initial indication of rodent in the home. But rodents don’t just chew. They leave urine and feces everywhere they go. This can spread harmful diseases. As rodents move throughout the home, so do the diseases they carry. Addressing the issue head-on is the only way to keep germs from spreading further.

Cheese Can Bait Mice

Cartoon characters may use cheese in an attempt to catch their rodent enemies, but this doesn’t work in real life. Cheese may initially catch their attention, but its foods such as fruit, nuts, or peanut butter that draws them in. If you are unsure as to what is best to get rid of the rodents in your home, turn to professional rodent control in Dallas, TX.

Only Dirty Houses Attract Rodents

Yes, rodents are attracted to trash and debris, but it’s not the only thing they are looking for. Rodents are also looking for easy food sources such as pet food or open containers throughout the house. Seal up all food, even pet food so that rodents aren’t attracted to your home.

Poison is Best for Rodent Control

Poison will kill rodents, but sometimes they will die in inconvenient places where you can’t locate them. If they die inside walls, the smell can be miserable. Also, poison can harm humans as well. The best way to keep these pests out of the home is to seal up cracks, holes, or small spaces where rodents can get in. Omega Animal Control specializes in rodent control in Dallas TX and can inspect your home to find and seal entrance points into the home.

Contact Omega Animal Control for all your rodent needs. We make sure rodents get out and stay out for good.