4 Most Common Rodent Entry Points

No one wants rodents of any kind in their homes, but often we don’t think about preventing their entry until they’re already inside. At Omega Animal Removal in Dallas, our rat removal and rodent control services aim to not only remove the pest, but also stop it from returning. Whether you suspect a critter running around inside, have proof of an infestation, or simply want to get ahead of potential rat removal problems, here are the 4 most common rodent entry points that you need to pay attention to.

Metal Flashing

Metal flashing is utilized in many areas around the exterior of your Dallas home, particularly where gaps might otherwise be. Flashing is meant to stop water from entering the structure, and it is meant to transition from roofing material to non-roof areas. Metal flashing is pretty effective at keeping out water, but because of the way it is installed and can be bent by sticks, weather, and animals, it’s not impervious to rodents. Metal flashing around roof vents, near chimneys, around skylights, and around vents can all provide an entry point for rodents. Gaps under the flashing allow rats and other pests to enter your home with ease, so they should be checked and rechecked consistently.


While metal flashing is sometimes used around vents and can create a rodent entry point, the vents themselves can also allow rats to enter your Dallas home. Dryer vents on your home’s exterior, roof vents, the area where cables enter through vents, and other open vents on the outside of your house can all provide entry points for rodents. When our team performs rat removal services, we double-check all vents to ensure they are secure and sealed so that no more rodents can enter them.


Depending on the type of roofing material your home has, you may have different variations of issues with rodents entering your Dallas home through the roof. Common shingles can get ripped, cracked, or broken after many years of typical wear and tear, and they can create entry points for animals. Having a roofing specialist replace broken tiles will help, and our experts can identify key areas of concern to focus on when repairing your roof.

Garage Door

You probably already know that your garage door seal is not airtight. This is one of the most common places for rodents to enter your living space because it’s just so easy for them. Gaps on either side of the garage door and a poor seal on your garage entry door can provide plenty of space for rodents to enter.

If you need rat removal or rodent prevention, we can help. The team at Omega Animal Removal in Dallas is committed to your satisfaction and the prompt and effective rat removal services you need and desire. Contact us today to learn more about rodent services, including squirrel removal, bat removal, rat removal, and more.