If you live in Dallas and have noticed a swarm of bees in one of the nooks and crannies of your home, outdoor structure, or yard, you will want to contact Omega Animal Removal for humane, professional bee removal and honeycomb relocation as soon as possible. There are many companies out there who will offer bee removal, but it is important to find a bee removal team who has a good understanding of the honeybee populations in your area and utilizes ecofriendly products that will keep your family safe. At Omega Animal Removal, we offer a no-catch lifetime guarantee on bee removal services to ensure all our customers are satisfied.

Trust in Your Local Pros

It is important to rely on local professionals for bee removal services because of their extensive knowledge of honeybee populations and their behaviors in the area. Honeybees follow specific patterns, especially depending on the season, and most populations can be generally non-threatening and are just looking for a place to build their new home. Local bee removal professionals can identify honeybee swarms and whether or not they have begun to build their colony, which will help determine what services to provide. A local bee removal company like Omega Animal Removal in Dallas will also be well-versed in the type of honeybees common to the area.

Beware of Africanized Honeybees

While most honeybee colonies are generally non-aggressive and tame, one particular type called Africanized honeybees are actually quite aggressive. This type of honeybee is smaller but they are much more likely to sting when they feel threatened or provoked. It is important to find skilled bee removal professionals who can identify the difference and address the removal accordingly. Unfortunately, due to the Africanized honeybees’ tendency to sting and chase their victims, this type of hive must be eliminated to ensure they will not spread to other areas in the community.

Use of Natural Alternatives to Chemicals and Pesticides

At Omega Animal Removal, our professionals use eco-friendly and natural techniques to safely and humanely remove animals from the home, including honeybees. While pesticides are easy to come by, they are not always the best solution for your home. Pesticides and chemicals can be very dangerous to both humans, pets, and other wildlife in the area. You can trust Omega Animal Removal bee control services in Dallas to keep your family and your property safe.

Contact Omega Animal Removal in Dallas for bee removal specialists to address the honeybee swarm at your home and take the necessary steps to ensure the bees do not return again.