While the temperatures rarely dip dangerously low in south Texas, you can tell when summer is almost upon us by the heavier atmosphere and longer days. And that means bee season is rapidly approaching as well. Bees are a poorly understood species that are frequently mistaken for wasps. Bee removal in Austin or San Antonio requires a careful knowledge of the species’ differences as well as an understanding of the waxy substance and pheromone traces endemic to an infestation.

Though a city resident can occasionally manage to remove a bee infestation from their property by destroying the hive, this is a dangerous process and can lead to immediate recolonization of the previous location by new bees. This is because only trained professionals, like those of us at Omega Animal Removal, possess the understanding of bee pheromones necessary to fully remove the traces of the entire colony. This can sometimes require replacing the wood or material the hives were connected to.

Bee swarms are colloquially recognized as the frightening congregation of many bees at once, but this is also the technical term for the process of relocating an overstocked hive. Once a colony of bees recognizes that the hive is humming along at full capacity, they will send out scouts to look for new locations in order to start another colony. Some hives that show up suddenly on homes or business can be this form of early development in a new colony. Austin bee removal depends upon a healthy knowledge of these seemingly incidental facts as only trained Bee Removal Specialists at Omega Animal Removal can appropriately assess the dimension of the problem.

Bees are largely grouped into two major species in North America, the Africanized and European honeybees. The former are more aggressive and dangerous and will follow an antagonist for long distances when threatened. They were originally used to increase the population of failing bee colonies across the United States and took over the less dominant European honeybee realm in a short period of time. Bee preservation is still a concern in Austin bee removal as populations continue to die out inexplicably, but this doesn’t mean locals in Austin and San Antonio should be less than cautious when attempting to deal with an infestation. On the contrary, it is important to call in the professionals who know what they are dealing with and can accurately and efficiently deal with the problem.

Be on the bee lookout and take the sting out of your summer days by calling Omega Animal Removal at the first sign of an bee infestation in San Antonio or Austin.