When you see squirrels, you may not think of rodent control because they are such a prevalent part of our habitat. Squirrels live in the suburbs as much as they do in parks and the country. However, when they start to invade your space, you’ll begin to notice the damage that they can do. When you start to see entry ways being made to your home or hear them running around on your roof, you should call in the rodent control experts to make sure that you don’t end up having some costly damage. Here we explore three reasons that you need to call in rodent control for invasive squirrels.

Squirrels Can Chew Electrical Wires

Squirrels can chew through electrical wires and end up causing a fire or other serious inconveniences. When they run across the electrical lines in your area, their weight can end up damaging the lines. Squirrels have been known to cause issues with electric boxes and much more, and when you want to protect your home or neighborhood, rodent control needs to be called as soon as you see this type of wildlife invading areas that have electrical lines.

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When a squirrel invades your attic, they’ll leave feces behind. They’ll chew through wood and nest in your bags and boxes that you have stored. A rodent control specialist will detect the signs that you have a problem and then remove the squirrels, so they don’t return. It’s vital that you get this done right away because the longer the squirrels live in the attic, the more damage they’ll do, and this can be very expensive.

Squirrels invade other areas beyond attics to nest and reproduce, and rodent control will identify those trouble spots as well to ensure you don’t have an issue now or in the future. While this type of wildlife is known for climbing trees and nesting in higher areas, they still make homes in sheds and crawl spaces.


If you have bird feeders, then you’ve probably already seen squirrels doing everything they can to get the food. Rodent control professionals can help you combat this problem and keep the squirrels away. Reach out today to learn more about our removal process and what you can expect. We know that squirrels can be some of the trickiest wildlife to remove, and we use the best practices to get the job done.