When you notice the signs that you need rat removal, you will want to take immediate action. Rodents leave behind feces and they carry disease, and you want to ensure that you safely and quickly get the situation resolved for your health and those that occupy your home or workspace. When you start to notice that rodents are taking over and you need rat removal, here are a few steps to take.

Step #1: Remove All Potential Food Sources

In order to get rodent control, you need to remove all of the potential food and water sources that would attract them. For starters, look in cabinets and remove any loose food. If you notice that things like cracker and cereal boxes have been chewed through, you can put these in plastic containers or in a place that the rodents will have no access.

Step #2: Locate the Entry Ways

Knowing where the rats and mice entered is going to be a big part of rodent control, and you should look at places in the inside of your house such as corners of walls and cabinets that have chew holes in them. You should also do a visual inspection of the outside of your home to see if you have any small holes around your chimney or near the base of your structure.

Steps #3: Call in the Rodent Removal Specialists

Calling in the specialists for rodent removal will be the next step because once you identify that you have a problem, you will want to get it resolved immediately. You shouldn’t touch the feces or try to clean up the damage rats have done until you have the professionals take a look. They will be able to take the proper measure to ensure the rodent control is done thoroughly and safely.

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Step #4: Proactively Prevent the Situation from Reoccurring

While you have the pros there for rat removal, make sure you speak with them about the measures that you can take to ensure that the rodents don’t invade your space again. They will guide you towards the best measures and make sure that entryways are sealed up. Make sure that food is not accessible in your home for rodents, and also keep your trash cans outside completely sealed because these will draw them in. If you feed pets outside, make sure you have a system so only the pets are getting the food, and not critters.