One of the most terrifying aspects of discovering you have an animal infestation is the fear that the problem will repeat itself. You wonder whether the vulnerabilities that left your home open to unwanted animal guests still remain. It’s the fear that turns every mysterious creak into the sound of a mouse’s scuttle. At Omega Animal Removal, our process features superior materials and trained specialists that keep us an industry leader in animal control, as well as a Lifetime Guarantee e Guarantee that means your home stays free of whatever species is troubling you as long as you live there.

Other animal rodent control companies often use cheap materials and skirt corners to save money. Unfortunately, this can end up costing you much more in the long run when you have to pay for removal over and over again. Not to mention the mental stress of repeated intrusion. With Omega we remove not only the animal problem itself, but also protect against the fear of future invasion. With the help of trained experts, modern techniques and extensive experience, Omega Animal Removal has managed to identify and create new procedures for capturing and removing animals in the most humane manner possible from private residences—permanently. Our four step process goes as follows:

  1. Inspection – We first visit your home to determine the extent of the problem and the species at hand. In the middle of the night an opossum padding around can sound like a human burglar and a mouse squeaking might sound like bats in the attic. Noises can be deceiving, as can droppings which often vary similarly. Our Omega Animal Specialist will be able to tell you after our thorough investigation procedure the next steps you can expect from a full solution.
  2. Animal Removal – Once we have informed you of the species and scope of your infestation, if there is indeed a problem, we set about trapping and removing all species as efficiently as possible. The number of pesky residents can vary, typically only one when you have an opossum upstairs, but up to eight or twelve if we are dealing with mice. Regardless of the situation, rest assured Omega Animal Removal is adept at catching and removing all elements of an infestation, which leads us to the next step in the process.
  3. Decontamination – This is a very important aspect of the Omega Animal Removal procedure as it can sometimes include anything from sanitizing to replacing insulation. Opossums, for example, carry fleas and other diseases that contaminate your attic and crawlspace insulation leading to further pests. Where necessary, Omega Animal Removal is fully equipped to remove and restore any affected elements of your home.
  4. Exclusion – One of Omega’s specialties includes a superior prevention process in which we seal all access points to your home with sturdy, metal based materials. We then paint the repairs to match the color of your home, leaving the improvements undetectable. It is difficult for the untrained eye to recognize an access point for mice and other animals as they can squeeze through spaces significantly smaller than themselves. We make sure to use the highest quality materials so you never have to worry about the issue returning.

Omega Animal Removal’s prevention technique and removal process is the best in the business, and we stand by this promise with a Lifetime Guarantee unmatched by any competitors. In the unlikely case you have repeated invasions we perform our entire four step process again, absolutely free of charge. Use the money you’ve saved for that special vacation to the tropics you’ve been dreaming about, or buy your loved ones something extra special for the holiday season. The possibilities are endless when you choose effective control over a quick fix.