It’s that time of year again: the kids are headed back to school and with the daily grind of drop-offs, pick-ups, lunch-boxes, and after-school activities, you’ve got enough on your plate. You may be ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the quiet solitude of home each weekday, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for unusual changes in your home. You might find that you’re not alone, and Omega Animal Removal is here to help as Dallas’ premier rodent removal experts.

With the kids back in school, you’ll finally have time to tackle that stack of boxes in your attic, but be on the lookout for furry stowaways. Squirrels keep the same schedule as you and your family–up in the morning and off to bed in the evening–but they leave few traces other than a nest and often hidden damage.

Bats can also make your attic their home, and may leave more obvious traces than squirrels in the form of smelly guano. Whoever the intruder, you’ll want Omega Animal Removal to help reclaim your attic: bats are protected by various laws, and squirrels are adamant that your home is their home, which means that they’ll be back before you know it. Both can carry dangerous diseases such as rabies. Play it safe: let the pros handle it!

When your kids are in bed, pooped from a day at school, you might hear someone walking in your attic. It’s not a ghost, but it might be raccoons! These nocturnal creatures are known to sound like humans walking around, and they sure are cute on TV, but they can do extensive damage to your home and your family’s health. We will remove them safely and effectively, and your kids will get their rest without creepy footsteps overhead.

A new hole in the wall of your kitchen or pantry could mean that you have mice or rats in the house. Omega Animal Removal can get rid of these pests permanently, saving you thousands of dollars in electrical damage or disease treatment. Give a mouse a cookie and it will run back to make more mice! Give a mouse a day with us, and you’ll never see them again. These little guys multiply like rabbits, so don’t wait to call!

No matter what your pest problem, Omega Animal Removal is ready to take care of it safely and quickly. You and your kids have enough going on with the school year on its way, so give us, Dallas’ best rodent exterminators a ring. We’re the A+ students of rodent removal, and we’re ready to work hard for you and your family to make home the best place for after-school learning to continue.